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June 1, 2012

on June 1, 2012

Past Pansies

So, I had a few hours, with no babies, to play in the yard.  Well, not play, exactly.  I got to do some much needed yard work.  Clean flowerbeds.  Pull out seedlings and saplings and grapevine.  Now, I didn’t go all crazy, and actually weed the front flower bed, like I probably should have, especially as I have aspirations of creating a perennial bed there.

The main reason I didn’t have time, was because I wanted to go to the flower shop!  One of the local nurseries does free landscaping, you just bring in a picture and dimension and they help you plot it out.  I met with a lovely specialist, who asked a few focused questions about what I was trying to do.  What colors I wanted, if I had a specific plant or layout in mind.  What I wanted was something English Cottage feeling, without being too tall, as it’s very nice to sit in the Adirondack chairs looking out.

Resurrected Rosebud

After a bit, I left with a general idea, one that can be fleshed out, improved.  It’s nice having some sort of idea of what plants could work, and where.  There’s a short version of a cone flower (Wild Berry) that would work as well as a Shasta style daisy (Banana Cream). Neither get too tall.  And she also suggested Purple Ice as one ground cover, and I love that plant.

The first step is  to clear out the two mostly-dead box woods in the front and attempt to move the live one into the hole left.  Then to hoe and weed out the rest of the bed.  The rose, that came back after last summer’s excavation, is staying as long as it behaves or can be kept under control.  It is so beautiful, and flowers like gangbusters.  I have it staked up now.

Then, the first plants that will go in will be three lavender bushes, two are the Munstead variety, the third will be something different.  I left the nursery with the two lavender bushes.

Oh, and a new small pot of mint.  You can never have too much mint in your garden.


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