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May 24, 2012

on May 24, 2012

Budding  entymologist

I has a wiggly worm

Wiggly worm is her friend

Wiggly worm and ant

She has to play with her buggies at night.  They get picked up, stared at, fed leaves, petals and sticks, and finally put to bed in the big flower pot on the deck.  Why the flower pot? Well, because, of course, they just can’t go to bed in the house.  That would be silly, mommy.  Whew!  I am very glad that worked and we don’t have to fight her about bringing bugs in the house at night.

That also worked for her treasures, the rocks and pine cones and things she picks up on walks. I am not looking forward to her not being as pliable as she is now.  I do know it will stop, but maybe she can wait until she’s 30 to be headstrong :D


She’s been doing very well in her toddler bed.  She’s gotten out once, maybe twice in five days.  Both times were to find a lost bubble, she’s not ready to give them up yet, although she did give them all to her sister.  I needed to find one or two that were hiding under the bed for her to keep.

Tonight, she was sitting on her bed, crying, because a bubble had fallen too far away for her to reach.  Stu went in and gave it to her.  She had stayed on her bed, didn’t give in to the temptation to go get the pacifier she could clearly see.

This could be a very good sign.

Maybe she’ll get an extra snuggle tomorrow.


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