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May 20, 2012

on May 20, 2012

20120520-214716.jpgIt’s a swing set!  Still a little bit to be finished, it still needs to have the slide added, the last two steps of the climbing wall added, the over the slide platform, and be anchored down.

We’re pretty sure it’s where it needs to be, but we’ll see how putting the anchors in goes.  It may need to be scooched  a bit.  Once it’s anchored, we’ll get a bunch of mulch, probably, to make a softer landing area.  Teagan has already tried the existing landing area, and found it a bit hard.  She fell off the back of the swing, turned, and somehow landed on her face.  Ouch.  She’s ok though, just a little scratch.

We’ll also get a bunch of sand to go under the platform.  It may be necessary to dig a little hole, make the sandbox a bit deeper than the 4 or 6 inch deep frame.  I’m not sure if the girls can handle the excitement of a sandbox.  They’re already super excited about the swings.  Teagan loves her big girl swing, Ashlin loves being swung.  We’ve moved the toddler swing from the cherry tree to the backyard.

We owe a LOT to our friends.  It would not be done if they hadn’t come over to help.  Teagan got to play with a friend, Stu had knowledgeable help getting the swing set assembled.

It’s going to be nice having this in the back yard.  I should be able to do a bunch of stuff in the house and  yard while they’re playing.  Maybe just sit on the deck, with a nice drink (a mojito!), and watch them.  It’s going to be a nice summer.


2 responses to “May 20, 2012

  1. Emily says:

    Emily Louise D* commented on your post.

    Emily wrote: “I want one! It sounds soo fun! “

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