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May 18, 2012

on May 18, 2012


Brownies!  With chocolate chip cookies on top!  Teagan asked for brownies for her birthday.  And cupcakes.  And cake.  These will have to do, with the cupcakes I made last night.  I may need to make another batch, but it can wait until tomorrow night.

The pink cupcakes were a big hit.  Teagan was very surprised to see that they were pink, and not white or yellow like most of the cupcakes she’s had before.   It’s fun to surprise her like that.

Hopefully tomorrow works out well.  The trip to the zoo, with the brownies as the surprise.  I’m sure that the new Galapagos turtle exhibit, that she doesn’t know is there, will blow her mind.  Turtles are one of her favorite animals, so seeing such big ones will be nifty.

We’re also going to be converting her bed tomorrow, after morning quiet/nap time.  I hope that we’re doing the right thing, that she is ready for a big girl bed.  We’ve been trying to impress upon her how she needs to stay in bed, if she has a big-girl bed, when it’s time to sleep.  Hopefully, the pink blanket, and pillow, will be awesome too.

She also talked about giving up her bubbles on her birthday.  I’m not sure if that will be too much change, too much new, for her or not.  We have listened to the “Bye, Bye Binkie” song that Elmo sings.  I’ve even caught her singing it to herself, where I’ve never heard her do that with anything other than “Row Row.”

She’s such a big girl now.  I can’t call her my baby.  She won’t let me.


4 responses to “May 18, 2012

  1. Kate says:

    You must stop posting food pictures! Your blog is as dangerous as Food Network for me these days. ;) At G’s daycare Sophie had pink cupcakes with pink frosting (G said they were strawberry and I’m guessing her was right). He was *so* excited about them and talked about them for days. When I asked what kind of cupcakes he wanted for his birthday, he said without missing a beat, “Blueberry! Blue ones!” Huh. Gender messages?

    Let me know how the bed conversion goes. I asked Guthrie but he loves his crib and I fear losing them bars. But if you do run into getting up too early, you could think about one of these type of clocks. I have this one http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=536615&cmSource=Search and don’t adore it (sometimes it messes up and you have to reset it, slightly buggy?) but the idea seems to make a lot of sense, and G gets it, though he is always disappointed in the bunny when the damn rodent sleeps later than him.

    • lisasff says:

      Muahahahahahahah!!! I could probably blame the food network for some of it, but I’ll blame Teagan, my birthday girl for the latest bout of temptation.

      Our pink cupcakes were strawberry, from a box. Boring mom. I’d love to try to make some blueberry ones, but I’m not sure home made would pass day care muster. :(

      I’ve heard very good things about that alarm clock, from professionals and other moms. I think I have one on T’s wish list for fast delivery if we need it.

      I’m not 100% sold on actually converting her bed, but she’s got the idea in her head that she can climb out, and I don’t want her to fall out. I suppose we could try sheets in the crib, we may put that damn side back up after a few days. LOL!

  2. Kris A says:

    I wouldn’t change the bed and have her give up bubbles at the same time. She may look for the added comfort. Then once she has adjusted to the big girl bed you can really point out that big girls don’t use bubbles. With Katie we forced the pacifier issue because the dr. kept teilling us how bad they were, etc, and daycare didn’t allow them in the toddler room, so we took them around 2. She spent the next several years sticking everytning in her mouth….toys, tan bark, sand, dirt, erasers..gross. With Thomas, we talked to the dentist and he said that as long as he stopped before his adult teeth came in, we were fine. So we never mentioned it to the dr. and only allowed it at bed/nap (LOL, Thomas napping…)and he used it until he was 5. But he sticks nothing in his mouth. And he still sleeps with blankie every night. We were much more relaxed with him on certain issues than we were with Katie (bottles,,he liked a bedtime bottle until 3, with Katie we forced her to stop earlier than she wanted too because of dr. pressure and mommy books). We figured if Thomas still needed sucking for comfort, why not? Many countries have their kids nurse way into toddler hood, so obviously some kids just like/need it.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, they’re already relegated to just nap/bed time as it is. Though she’s still shoving anything and everything into her mouth. She was the one that brought it up, on her own, so I thought it would be ok to go with it. Her morning nap, well, not so good. I caved and gave her the spare one from the diaper bag… I would rather her sleep than not need braces :D

      We will be cutting her down to just the one though, from three, and see how it goes.

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