May 31, 2012

I hidin’, mama

Driving home from day care last night, I told Teagan that we’d be seeing LaLa and PopPop this weekend, along with Aunt “Lots of People.” We then had a conversation something like this:

Me:  We’re going to have lunch with LaLa and PopPop.
Teagan:  Yay! LaLaPopPop!  And NayNay?
Me:  No, NayNay probably won’t be there.
Teagan:  Why?
Me:  Why what?
Teagan:  Why NayNay not be there?
Me:  She may have something else to do.
Teagan:  Oh.  Why we go LaLa’s house?
Me:  Well, we’re also going to get our hair cut with Mr. Wayne.
Teagan:  Yay!  I get my hair cut?
Me:  Do you want to?  
Teagan:  Yes.  And Ashlin get her hairs cut?
Me:  Maybe.  She does have that weird long piece of hair.
Teagan:  Yes.  Ashlin get her hair cut with at Mr. Wayne.  She not throwing up.  She get him hair cut.
Me:  Ok.  We’ll get her hair cut.
Teagan:  Red car!

And that was that.



May 30, 2012

MTV Juanes Unplugged

MTV Juanes Unplugged (Photo credit: miamism)

Guess who went unplugged for MTV? **

Well, MTV2.

Yay. Juan Luis Guerra worked on the songs for the unplugged concert. I think I’m going to need to get me a listen, I’ve always liked Juanes, and the little I got to listen to sounded nice, different and interesting, and well worth it.

I’d like to get to see him, one day.

** Not sure why the embedded video doesn’t work :(

May 28, 2012

Salt & Pepper Sisters

All in all, it was a good weekend. We ended up not doing much, other than enjoying the grill, the baby pool and sprinkler, and the swing set with awning. I did get a little yard work in, a little shopping. Meanwhile Ashlin learned a new trick. A trick she loved repeating. Everywhere.

In other news, I’ve been nominated (again!) for a new blogging award. Yay me! It’s the Illuminating Blogger Award. This is the post that was nominated by CJ from Food Stories for this award. Similar to the Versatile Blogger Award, there are some rules:

1. The nominee should visit the award site ( and leave a comment indicating that they have been nominated and by whom. (This step is so important because it’s the only way that we can create a blogroll of award winners).
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Hum… random fact? I love swinging with the girls on the swing set, though I’d prefer if the little one didn’t climb the slide :o


May 27, 2012

Today and yesterday, we finally introduced Teagan to Disney. Well, to movies other than “Cloudy, With A Chance of Meatballs.” She’s probably been passively aware of the Princesses, (a pair of Princess underwear magically appeared in her drawer, and has a Sleeping Beauty dress-up), and other things Disney, she did get Fillmore’s Tent for her birthday. (It’s a conspiracy man!) Up until now, we’ve never really watched anything Disney.

We started with “Sleeping Beauty.” I talked it up over breakfast. How it was one of my favorites, with music from and inspired by Tchaikovsky. For giggles, we made her say Tchaikovsky a few times. She got pretty close, once. The credits confused her, she wanted the movie to start. I explained that it gave a brief sampling of the music in the movie, and that seemed to satisfy her. A little.

She was fascinated.  Glued to the tv.  Well, at least for the first bit, then, for her, it got a little slow and her attention lagged.  Too bad there wasn’t more bunnies in boots and owls in hats.  She wasn’t scared of Maleficent in the beginning.  It was the creepy castle and the Forbidden Mountain that scared her, a little.  Oh, and Maleficent turning into a mean dragon.  She loved how the dress went from pink to blue back to pink.

That was “Pink Dress, Blue Dress” for most of yesterday, until she started calling it “Sleeping Booty.”

Then we watched “Beauty & the Beast.”  This one totally drew her in.  She stood in front of the tv, open mouthed, for what seemed like half of the movie, which incidentally is about the length of her attention span.  There is more singing and music in that.  The wolves and Beast scared her a lot, she would snuggle up to either me or Stu until they were gone.  After a bit, Beast stopped frightening her, she saw him becoming the man who would break the Enchantress’ curse.  She asked to watch this immediately after finishing it the first time.  It was “Pink Dress, no, Yellow Dress” for a short while, until it became “Beast & Booty” or “Beast & Belle.”

Trying to avoid bedtime, she asked for both movies.

Today was “Winnie the Pooh” and then “Peter Pan.”  Pooh, she calls “Windely Pooh,” and she wasn’t overly impressed, but that could have been her attention span.  She wanted to go swing and slide.   “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree” did pull her in, she thought it was pretty cool, and attempted to sing along to Little Black Rain Cloud.

After “Windely Pooh,” I tried Peter Pan, the first half of which was a hit.  She loved Tinkerbell and her “glitter like stars” that made the children fly.  The mermaids and indians?  Eh, they were pretty neat, but Michael has a teddy bear just like her.  As she started to loose interest and build her pillow “fight,” (it’s really a fort, but she doesn’t believe us),  and generally make a big mess, she declared “I Peter Pan!”

After dinner tonight, she asked to watch “Beast and Bell” and as the wolves came on, she said she was scared.  I asked if she wanted to fast forward, and she did.  “Daddy forward please!”

I would have tried “Cinderella” or “Little Mermaid,” but never upgraded my old VHS versions to DVD.  And the VHS are at my parents house.  Now that she’s able to watch about half a movie without losing interest, I’ll have to get the DVD versions.

I don’t know if she needs to be aware of Princesses yet, or any of it, but I enjoy the movies, and I enjoy watching her watch them.  I’ll need to counter all the help-me-I-need-a-prince-to save-me with some self-sufficiency and fencing lessons.

May 24, 2012

Budding  entymologist

I has a wiggly worm

Wiggly worm is her friend

Wiggly worm and ant

She has to play with her buggies at night.  They get picked up, stared at, fed leaves, petals and sticks, and finally put to bed in the big flower pot on the deck.  Why the flower pot? Well, because, of course, they just can’t go to bed in the house.  That would be silly, mommy.  Whew!  I am very glad that worked and we don’t have to fight her about bringing bugs in the house at night.

That also worked for her treasures, the rocks and pine cones and things she picks up on walks. I am not looking forward to her not being as pliable as she is now.  I do know it will stop, but maybe she can wait until she’s 30 to be headstrong :D


She’s been doing very well in her toddler bed.  She’s gotten out once, maybe twice in five days.  Both times were to find a lost bubble, she’s not ready to give them up yet, although she did give them all to her sister.  I needed to find one or two that were hiding under the bed for her to keep.

Tonight, she was sitting on her bed, crying, because a bubble had fallen too far away for her to reach.  Stu went in and gave it to her.  She had stayed on her bed, didn’t give in to the temptation to go get the pacifier she could clearly see.

This could be a very good sign.

Maybe she’ll get an extra snuggle tomorrow.

May 23, 2012

Cry baby

Ashlin’s not been nursing these past days.  As I posted earlier, I’m pretty sure she’s done.  I had wanted to keep trying, just a little bit longer, just to be sure she wasn’t on a nursing strike.  But I’m not going to be able to wait and see if that’s all this past few days, past week, has been.  I not going to be able to nurse her any longer.  Turns out that I have a cyst or two, and because of them, will need to take some antibiotics that are not approved for nursing.  I also got a lovely, and large, shot of steroids, that will help keep me from sleeping through the nights.  She doesn’t need to get any of that, even in the minute quantities that would pass through milk.  I’ll be on the antibiotics for a while, so, we have to be done.

Maybe it’s the world telling me to take a hint.

Ok.  I get the hint.  My baby’s a toddler and doesn’t need me the same way she used to.  She still needs me, will still need me.

Double pony tail! Not quite as good as a double rainbow, but pretty close!

She’ll be just fine.