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April 18, 2012

Look what I did:

Magnet Board

I made a magnet board.  I saw the idea on Pinterest ~ Nick & Kate ~ about making a magnet board from an oil drip pan.  Awesome idea.  I found the pan, and used contact paper to cover the logo with an Eric Carle sun to match the Hungry Caterpillar theme we have in the play room and hung it with the 3M Command Strips.

The girls were so excited.  Both of them!  The first letter that was put on the newly mounted magnet board was the letter T – for Teagan!  Teagan found it and carried it over herself.

Letters in progress

Teagan had a great time running (NO! Walk!) from the kitchen to the playroom getting all the magnets from the fridge.  We don’t really let them in the kitchen, so they really can’t play with the alphabet letters.

Showing Ashlin letters

Ashlin crawled over to check it out.

It sticks!

Teagan wasn’t sure if Ashlin should play with it, it was her toy after all.  I explained that it was for both of them, so they could both play with the letters.  That seemed to help her want to share.  Asking Teagan to find the A for Ashlin helped too.



April 15, 2012

We all scream for ice cream!

Teagan’s first ever ice cream cone. With rainbow sprinkles. She loved it.

Not sure how we made it almost three years without giving her an ice cream cone before, Maybe because we don’t eat out with the kids too often, and when we do, we don’t usually get dessert. When we have ice cream at home, it’s in a bowl.

I ordered the kid size, but was handed a full size cone. Teagan didn’t quite understand the reason to lick around the edges and why to not hold the cone at an angle. She was lucky that her ice cream didn’t fall off onto the ground, but it was a very tenacious cone.

We ended up turning it into a cup, letting her eat some of the cone. She put it all down to ride the carousel again, and Stu took the opportunity to throw the ice cream soup out. Teagan didn’t miss it.

A very good evening.

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April 14, 2012

I'm still standing

Look who’s standing on her own!  All morning, she’d handstand, stand unsupported, then sit down.  She’d pull herself up then let go.

Like it was nothing.

Yay Ashlin!

She also took three steps this afternoon.  Shuffling steps.  Then sat down.

But you can’t stop her from standing in the middle of a room now.


In terms of firsts, it was a good say.  Ashlin’s older sister walked through the zoo, all afternoon.  No strollers for her.  Strollers are for babies.

On a Carousel

I had the front pack to carry Ashlin, if Teagan got tired and needed to be in the stroller.  We didn’t need it.  I’m sure that if we didn’t have it with us, we would have needed to carry Teagan from the far corner of the zoo back to the car.

She listened and was a good girl, so we let her ride the carousel.  We were in the front of the line, so she had a decent choice of horses and animals – there were lions and tigers and a bear, oh my!  She almost chose a sledge, but I prodded her, a little, to chose one that went up and down.

I think she was scared at first, nervous about the motion, but she calmed down quick enough, and enjoyed it.  Waving at dada and her sister every time we went around.

Her sister pointed back.


April 13, 2012

Sliding Sisters

Teagan did well today.  Fantastic, actually.  No accidents.  Yay!  Unlike yesterday, where she was great all day, but then she felt the need to go behind the sofa and pee her pants after dinner.  After we rewarded her for being such a big girl.

Yesterday was so frustrating, as have these past few weeks.  She’s perfectly capable of using the bathroom when she needs to, she knows to ask, but she’s decided that it’s just easier to not go, and she’ll then wet herself.  We’ve been trying different tactics – encouragement, happiness and reward being the preferred, although voicing our disappointment started happening more and more often.  I once let her stay in her wet pants because she just refused to believe they were wet, and it was a bit easier to ignore it than actually deal with it at the time.  Leaving her in the soiled pants made me feel like I was a horrible parent, I’ve never done it again.

It would be ok, these serial accidents, if it wasn’t so deliberate.  She will go and hide – like she did when she was young before starting training.  You could ask her if she needs to go, she’ll say no, but two minutes later will stand in front of you with wet pants.  We got the plastic lined training pants – crackle pants – but although they did help contain issues, they weren’t any sort of punishment.  She liked them.  We thought about putting her back in diapers – or pull-ups – but that seemed to be more of a backtrack than we needed to do.

I think that although she knows if she has to go to the bathroom, she doesn’t quite understand how urgent her need is.  Eventually, she will get it.  I know she will.

Anyway, today was a good day.  We went to the park.  She went down the slide with her sister.  They loved it.

Ashlin asked for more :)

Ashlin also stood for a bit on her own, unsupported, then bent down and stood back up again.  I fear she may have eaten a wood chip.

Up Down, Touch the Ground!

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April 11, 2012


Today was Ashlin’s twelve month doctor’s appointment. One year.   We were supposed to go last week, but as she was just getting over Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, we postponed to this week.

Ashlin is now 19 pounds 3 ounces.  Up three ounces from two weeks ago.  Go baby!  So, she’s holding on her 10th percentile.  She’s now 28.5 inches long, hanging out in that 50th percentile.  Head circumference is 46.5 cm, or 80-90th percentile.  She still has a freaking big noggin.

Doctor was happy with her growth and weight.  We needed to remeasure her, as the nurse originally had her at the exact same length as her nine month check up, and I knew she had grown, if only a little bit.  She grew out of the six month pants, although the nine month are still a bit long, they aren’t as long.

Our baby is still a peanut.

The doctor asked if she was walking, drinking milk, using a crayon or pencil, or a spoon or fork.  Um.  Well…  the last time she had a crayon, she ate it.  We haven’t really tried to have her color since then.  And I guess we’re a bit lazy, as we haven’t given her spoons or forks with her food.  I suppose I should ask if day care gives her utensils or not…

Ashlin was not happy during the appointment, we had waited almost an hour to go back and she was tired.  She cried as the doctor examined her, only stopping when I fed her some of the stale goldfish I found in the diaper bag.

So, she’s hitting milestones pretty well, growing pretty well.  Her belly button – umbilical hernia – is something we do need to watch a bit…  but other than that, she’s perfect.


She only cried a little bit when she got her shots.

As we left, she waved at the little girl – Sinead – that she made friends with in the waiting room before our appointment.  Nice to know we weren’t the only ones that had a very long wait there today.  Once we got to the car, she immediately fell asleep almost as soon as I had her strapped in her seat.  Before I drove away she started snoring.


April 10, 2012

Maleficent To Hit Theatres on March 14, 2014 | Mom Spark™ – A Blog for Moms.

I hadn’t heard about this before.  This is either an absolutely horrible idea, or horribly wonderful.  Maleficent has always been my favorite villainess.  Well, once I realized that she wasn’t real and couldn’t eat me.  Even then, there was always that little nagging corner of my mind that thought she could be hiding just behind the rock in forest that surrounded our house.  Once I realized how cool she was, I coveted the watch Disney made with her on it.  I didn’t want the Cinderella one I was given as much I wanted, needed, the one with Maleficent.

She always creeped me out.  Her entrance into the royal chamber at Princess Aurora’s birth, her exit.  Her transformation into a dragon in the middle of the thorn forest used to give me nightmares.  It wasn’t too hard to imagine her coming out of our forest.  Because of course Prince Phillip didn’t actually kill her.  He only wounded her.  She crept off to that big rock to hide under and heal.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for more on this movie…  Right now, I’m just not sure.


April 8, 2012

So today, we had an Easter egg hunt…

An Easter egg dump…

A hiding bunny…

Some yoga…

And some fire watching…

Oh, some handstands…

And a bit more crying than we’d like…

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. :)

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April 7, 2012

Today Teagan colored easter eggs for the first time. It was almost fun. Well, parts were fun. Actually, most of it was fun. She was so excited when she saw all the colors. She was amazed when the eggs changed colors.

I have to stop and remember that she doesn’t know about things… Why you shouldn’t bang the eggs together, or bend the holders, or eat the wax crayon. Some times I assume she’s a little person that’s been around, not one that’s brand new. In a way, she does still have that new car smell. I need to remember that more often.

She really enjoyed it, and she did slow down a bit, not being the total dervish that she normally is.

She didn’t quite understand why she shouldn’t put her fingers in the cups of color… She has some Easter egg colored fingers now.

And the dye took much, much longer than I remember. Longer than a pre-schooler can be expected to wait. You can see her willing the egg to turn pink.

I’m sure that when I was a kid, the eggs picked up color a lot faster! Or are those just rose colored glasses?


Our eggs did turn out ok, after all. And a little wax isn’t going to hurt her.

I am looking forward to next year, when we may be a bit more artistic with our eggs.

She’s looking forward to having more deviled eggs too.


April 6, 2012

A Girl With Glasses

I need glasses.  What I had been hoping was just a lingering side effect of pregnancy and eternal fatigue is something more.  Working on the computer has created eye strain, weakening eye muscles. Or, in other words, I’m getting old, and need reading glasses.

The optometrist said that I may not need them all day, all the time, but that I will feel less tired at the end of the day if I use them while working on the computer.  My eyes will feel better.

I had hoped he would say it was nothing that more sleep and some eye drops would fix.  Nope.

As my eyes were dilating, the eye-glass person helped me find some frames that looked good.  There was a pile of about five frames to choose from.  I sent pictures to Stu to see if he had an opinion.  Google+ messenger didn’t deliver them.  No input from him.  But there was a nice lady who was picking up her new glasses that helped me narrow down the selection.

WIth her help, I ended up deciding on a pair that I had picked up on a whim, thinking that they would be horrible.  They were olive green and had some bling on the sides.  They were actually the best ones of the bunch.  I had though that the green would be my Sally Jesse Red, but they worked.  Unfortunately that were super expensive.  More expensive than glorified reading glasses needed to be.  The sales person helped me find a pair that were half the price, sans bling, that were almost the same.

These glasses.

I think I’ll be ordering them on Monday.  Maybe by then my eyes will have returned to normal.  They’re still dilated.


April 5, 2012


Teagan's Spring Flower

Looking back on the year so far, I’ve done pretty well with my heretofore unstated challenge for writing a Post a Day.  But lately I’ve been feeling that I’m reaching for material to write about.  That it’s becoming a chore and not something I want to do.  Something I like to do.  I don’t think I’m improving my writing, but writing for posting’s sake.

I’m glad I’ve done it though.  I have some posts I know I’ll go back to as time passes.  Some moments that I’m glad I recorded, even with my mediocre writing.

So, maybe it’s time to stop the daily posts.  I will still post…  this has been a sort of journal of mine for over six years.  There will be so many little bits of life I won’t want to forget, so many cute things that the girls will do that I won’t want to forget.  So many things I’ll want to share.  If I don’t write them down, I know I will forget.  They’ll fade.

And then I won’t have lovely things to embarrass them with when they get older.  I wonder how many times I can post pictures of their bums or them picking their nose or a video of them farting.  Maybe just sharing their artwork, or simply posting a picture of them sleeping.

Everyone loves a baby sleeping, don’t they?


Ashlin sleeping hard at day care