April 20, 2012

Look what I made – finished – today!  One for each girl.

I did a blend of this design and this one.  Just need to hang them and we’re good to go! Frames were super-sale with coupon from Michaels.  Material was quilting pre-cuts from Joanne, along with a bit of ribbon.  Pretty easy.

I haven’t shown the girls yet, I”m sure Teagan will be very happy.  She did pick the material out for both hers and for Ashlin’s.





First thing to do was attach the batting.  I glued each corner down so it wouldn’t slip.


Then I centered the material to the frame backing, using a bit of tape.


Then I used a glue gun to affix the material to the backing, making sure the material stayed tight.

Hot glue

I then laid out the ribbon, playing with order and spacing.


I did use a bit of tape to secure the ribbons before I turned it over to hot glue them to the backing too.  I tried to keep these taut too, and evenly spaced.

gluing ribbons

Finished boards before going back into the frames.

almost done

And back in the frames.

All done!

I can’t wait to see how Teagan likes her pink ribbon board!  It will be the first pink thing in her room.  The first of many, I think.

April 19, 2012

a Rubber duck Türkçe: Plastik ördek

At the end of her baths, Teagan has taken to pouring water on Stu’s arm to make his old mail-man paper-route dog-bite wound better.

Tonight at the end of her bath, she did the same thing she usually does.  But this time, Stu actually had a boo-boo on his hand.  She asked if the water from the cup made it better. “No, Teagan, not this time”.  She then got her rubber duck, squeezed water out the hole in the bottom and said “duck pee on it!  Better!”

Yesterday, it was Peeps for poops.  Today, duck pee makes it better.

I have a weird kid.

April 18, 2012 ~ Peeps for Poop?!

Yesterday Teagan didn’t have an accident.  As a reward, we went for a walk – Teagan gathered treasures* – and, after dinner, was given her first peep.  Ever.

Once her head reattached, Stu had an interesting time trying to explain Peeps to her.   She loved it.  How could she not?  It’s marshmallow-y goodness covered with sugar.  And cute chocolate wax eyes.  I wish I had been downstairs when she got her first taste.  I wish I had heard the conversation they had.

Again, tonight after I went up with Ashlin, Stu gave her another one.  Well, half of one.  She deserved it, she didn’t have an accident again!  Yay!  She devoured it.  And asked for another one, to which Stu said that maybe tomorrow she could have one, if she didn’t have “no accidents.”  She then asked if she got one for peeing in the potty.

“Yes, you get one for peeing.”  
“For poops?  Poops in the potty?”
“Yes,” Stu replied, “a peep for poop.”  
Teagan threw her head back and laughed.  From her belly.  “Daddy, you so funny!”  

Peep for poop!

* Teagan is incapable of walking past a rock, pine cone or stick, without picking it up.  She collects treasures on the walk.  As many as she can hold, plus at least one more.  I don’t allow them in the house, so they get left on the table outside the door.


April 18, 2012

Look what I did:

Magnet Board

I made a magnet board.  I saw the idea on Pinterest ~ Nick & Kate ~ about making a magnet board from an oil drip pan.  Awesome idea.  I found the pan, and used contact paper to cover the logo with an Eric Carle sun to match the Hungry Caterpillar theme we have in the play room and hung it with the 3M Command Strips.

The girls were so excited.  Both of them!  The first letter that was put on the newly mounted magnet board was the letter T – for Teagan!  Teagan found it and carried it over herself.

Letters in progress

Teagan had a great time running (NO! Walk!) from the kitchen to the playroom getting all the magnets from the fridge.  We don’t really let them in the kitchen, so they really can’t play with the alphabet letters.

Showing Ashlin letters

Ashlin crawled over to check it out.

It sticks!

Teagan wasn’t sure if Ashlin should play with it, it was her toy after all.  I explained that it was for both of them, so they could both play with the letters.  That seemed to help her want to share.  Asking Teagan to find the A for Ashlin helped too.


April 15, 2012

We all scream for ice cream!

Teagan’s first ever ice cream cone. With rainbow sprinkles. She loved it.

Not sure how we made it almost three years without giving her an ice cream cone before, Maybe because we don’t eat out with the kids too often, and when we do, we don’t usually get dessert. When we have ice cream at home, it’s in a bowl.

I ordered the kid size, but was handed a full size cone. Teagan didn’t quite understand the reason to lick around the edges and why to not hold the cone at an angle. She was lucky that her ice cream didn’t fall off onto the ground, but it was a very tenacious cone.

We ended up turning it into a cup, letting her eat some of the cone. She put it all down to ride the carousel again, and Stu took the opportunity to throw the ice cream soup out. Teagan didn’t miss it.

A very good evening.

April 14, 2012

I'm still standing

Look who’s standing on her own!  All morning, she’d handstand, stand unsupported, then sit down.  She’d pull herself up then let go.

Like it was nothing.

Yay Ashlin!

She also took three steps this afternoon.  Shuffling steps.  Then sat down.

But you can’t stop her from standing in the middle of a room now.


In terms of firsts, it was a good say.  Ashlin’s older sister walked through the zoo, all afternoon.  No strollers for her.  Strollers are for babies.

On a Carousel

I had the front pack to carry Ashlin, if Teagan got tired and needed to be in the stroller.  We didn’t need it.  I’m sure that if we didn’t have it with us, we would have needed to carry Teagan from the far corner of the zoo back to the car.

She listened and was a good girl, so we let her ride the carousel.  We were in the front of the line, so she had a decent choice of horses and animals – there were lions and tigers and a bear, oh my!  She almost chose a sledge, but I prodded her, a little, to chose one that went up and down.

I think she was scared at first, nervous about the motion, but she calmed down quick enough, and enjoyed it.  Waving at dada and her sister every time we went around.

Her sister pointed back.

April 13, 2012

Sliding Sisters

Teagan did well today.  Fantastic, actually.  No accidents.  Yay!  Unlike yesterday, where she was great all day, but then she felt the need to go behind the sofa and pee her pants after dinner.  After we rewarded her for being such a big girl.

Yesterday was so frustrating, as have these past few weeks.  She’s perfectly capable of using the bathroom when she needs to, she knows to ask, but she’s decided that it’s just easier to not go, and she’ll then wet herself.  We’ve been trying different tactics – encouragement, happiness and reward being the preferred, although voicing our disappointment started happening more and more often.  I once let her stay in her wet pants because she just refused to believe they were wet, and it was a bit easier to ignore it than actually deal with it at the time.  Leaving her in the soiled pants made me feel like I was a horrible parent, I’ve never done it again.

It would be ok, these serial accidents, if it wasn’t so deliberate.  She will go and hide – like she did when she was young before starting training.  You could ask her if she needs to go, she’ll say no, but two minutes later will stand in front of you with wet pants.  We got the plastic lined training pants – crackle pants – but although they did help contain issues, they weren’t any sort of punishment.  She liked them.  We thought about putting her back in diapers – or pull-ups – but that seemed to be more of a backtrack than we needed to do.

I think that although she knows if she has to go to the bathroom, she doesn’t quite understand how urgent her need is.  Eventually, she will get it.  I know she will.

Anyway, today was a good day.  We went to the park.  She went down the slide with her sister.  They loved it.

Ashlin asked for more :)

Ashlin also stood for a bit on her own, unsupported, then bent down and stood back up again.  I fear she may have eaten a wood chip.

Up Down, Touch the Ground!