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April 27, 2012

on April 27, 2012

Lookie what I did today!





I had just enough time today to get this one flower bed done. I was very happy to get to it too. I really want to get some flowers, if only annuals, in this season.  There are still four baskets of laundry waiting to be folded – and hopefully Stu will help! – after getting the towels line dried and done today.  Laundry had to sit while I worked from home.

It was nice to get to play in the dirt today. I really missed dirt therapy. The girls came home just as  I was about to till.  Thankfully Stu was able to keep them occupied so I could finish.  Just a quick till with the hoe.  Teagan looked for bugs in the area I finished.

I still need to do something about the box woods.  They got totally crushed by the monumental snow banks two winters ago.  Maybe a bit of hard pruning and shaping.  I had to rip three out as they were totally dead, but those were done before Ashlin’s party.

Teagan is going to help me find flowers on Sunday morning.  Hopefully the two of us can plant them together.  Stu said he’d take her out in the afternoon (when I can get the flowers in if she’s not helpful) and get mulch and maybe some bricks to edge the bed with.

Once this one is done, I’ll move on to the other side of the front, which needs a lot of work too, and then the sides, and the back.  It’s amazing how overgrown things can get if you ignore them for a season.

PS.  Teagan did not want to make us throw her to the coyotes.  She was a good girl tonight!  Well, with only a little crying, but that’s not really out of the norm for her on a Friday after a week of no naps.


5 responses to “April 27, 2012

  1. Stu says:

    She was super good at bed time too – letting me read to her, sitting on my lap for the last book and then she asked to read some more in bed. I told her she could have another 10 minutes in bed with the light on and then I’d be in. She read quietly and when I came back she snapped her book closed, put it next to her and lay down. Perfect!

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah. She was. She sat nicely on my lap while you were reading the first book, about Fred :) The rest of the book time sounds awesome too. A good end to a very trying week.

  2. Nice! I’m looking forward to some dirt therapy myself this weekend.

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