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April 18, 2012 ~ Peeps for Poop?!

on April 18, 2012

Yesterday Teagan didn’t have an accident.  As a reward, we went for a walk – Teagan gathered treasures* – and, after dinner, was given her first peep.  Ever.

Once her head reattached, Stu had an interesting time trying to explain Peeps to her.   She loved it.  How could she not?  It’s marshmallow-y goodness covered with sugar.  And cute chocolate wax eyes.  I wish I had been downstairs when she got her first taste.  I wish I had heard the conversation they had.

Again, tonight after I went up with Ashlin, Stu gave her another one.  Well, half of one.  She deserved it, she didn’t have an accident again!  Yay!  She devoured it.  And asked for another one, to which Stu said that maybe tomorrow she could have one, if she didn’t have “no accidents.”  She then asked if she got one for peeing in the potty.

“Yes, you get one for peeing.”  
“For poops?  Poops in the potty?”
“Yes,” Stu replied, “a peep for poop.”  
Teagan threw her head back and laughed.  From her belly.  “Daddy, you so funny!”  

Peep for poop!

* Teagan is incapable of walking past a rock, pine cone or stick, without picking it up.  She collects treasures on the walk.  As many as she can hold, plus at least one more.  I don’t allow them in the house, so they get left on the table outside the door.



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