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April 5, 2012

on April 5, 2012

Teagan's Spring Flower

Looking back on the year so far, I’ve done pretty well with my heretofore unstated challenge for writing a Post a Day.  But lately I’ve been feeling that I’m reaching for material to write about.  That it’s becoming a chore and not something I want to do.  Something I like to do.  I don’t think I’m improving my writing, but writing for posting’s sake.

I’m glad I’ve done it though.  I have some posts I know I’ll go back to as time passes.  Some moments that I’m glad I recorded, even with my mediocre writing.

So, maybe it’s time to stop the daily posts.  I will still post…  this has been a sort of journal of mine for over six years.  There will be so many little bits of life I won’t want to forget, so many cute things that the girls will do that I won’t want to forget.  So many things I’ll want to share.  If I don’t write them down, I know I will forget.  They’ll fade.

And then I won’t have lovely things to embarrass them with when they get older.  I wonder how many times I can post pictures of their bums or them picking their nose or a video of them farting.  Maybe just sharing their artwork, or simply posting a picture of them sleeping.

Everyone loves a baby sleeping, don’t they?


Ashlin sleeping hard at day care



8 responses to “April 5, 2012

  1. Colleen says:

    Colleen D* G* commented on your post.

    Colleen wrote: “So very sweet Lisa.. she looks like you here.. Mommy..”

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you. There is a bit more of me in this one than her sister. Teagan is totally Stu’s mini-me. LOL!

  2. I think you’re such an inspiration to me that you post so much… I don’t know how you do it. I don’t k ow you but I really enjoy watching your girls grow and reading about the cool crafts you do.

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! That really does mean a lot. For the first several months of the year, I gave myself a personal challenge – to post once a day. I tried to find things that were interesting, not just fodder for boring entries. I’m not sure I succeeded there, although I did for the post a day…

      BTW, you’ve had some awesome ideas too, that I’ll be stealing – with pride! – soon enough.

      • Thank you! Sometimes I wonder… even though I have 90 something followers…who really is reading my blog?? I also wanted to mention… even though you may think it is mundane… or not worth sharing… the everyday bits about Ashlin’s bout with coxsackie were useful today… as I was able to share them with a friend whose 2 year old is just going through the worst of it… by your posts I was able to figure out about how long it lasted (um, and then the doctor told her about 72 hours). BTW these filcker photos of Ash are ADORABLE!!

        • lisasff says:

          Thank you! I don’t have any where near that many followers. But it really doesn’t matter, honestly. The blog is for me, though it is nice when other people read and comment :) Sort of validation of you and your life. Shrug.

          Another big thank you for the compliments on the pics. Sometimes she makes it so easy. She’s so proud of her self for standing!

          Oh, poor kid! HFMD is not fun at all!! And your friends doctor is right – the normal of sores and icky-ness is 72 hours. But they are only infectious for 24 hours after the last new sore. And that’s what we focused on, as it was her birthday. Since she didn’t have any new sores since Friday, we felt ok having her party on Sunday, especially as there were other kids coming.

          • no, it doesn’t matter, you’re right… it’s not like I”m trying to make a living with my blog. And I think half the people sign up to be followers so I’ll sign up to follow them. I don’t have time to read a whole lot so I need to be very interested in what someone is writing about to be a regular.

            I’m glad Ash’s HFMD cleared up in time for her party =)

            • lisasff says:

              Totally with you on that. And I do think that people like or follow so that there’s that reciprocation. I do look at who likes, and follows, sometimes I’ll follow too. Or check out a few posts to see if they’re worth it. Time is so precious. We have so little of it to waste.

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