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April 2, 2012

on April 2, 2012

Although Ashlin’s rash is much better, it is still enough that day care would have sent her home immediately.  So, we stayed home.  And played.  She’s still a bit fussy, so napped a bit, but between the two long naps, we did lots!

First there was breakfast, then second breakfasts.  It seems my daughter may be part hobbit.  Oh, and then thirds!

Yay cheerios!

Cheerios are back in favor!  For a while it was saltines and goldfish and just about any other carby cracker thing.  But not cheerios.  Those were thrown or swept onto the floor.

After all that breakfast and snacking, there was a smallish nap, then we went shopping.  Target had bunny ears in the dollar bins. Ashlin liked the green ones.  They matched her pacifier.  She is a stylish baby after all.

Bunny Ears

They looked awesome on top of her giraffe eared hoodie.  Everyone (mostly old ladies, actually) said she looked adorable in the ears.

Since we needed to find an egg coloring kit for her big sister, we went over to the seasonal aisle.  They had these cute basket stuffers, giant peep bunny banks.  Ashlin wasn’t sure if she wanted it or her pacifier.

Eeny meeny miney moe

She needed a taste first.

It doesn't taste like a peep

I ended up getting a set, I couldn’t put it back in the shelf after she gnawed on it.  LOL!

She fell asleep as we were driving home from the shopping trip, and napped hard, over two hours.  But then we had lunch and then a snack and a bit of wistful swinging in the sun.

Wistful swinging

She loves to swing.  And then dinner of avocado and sweet potato with a side of yogurt and banana, applesauce chaser.  A little trip to the play room, an a second dinner of macaroni and cheese followed by strawberries once her sister got home, and she decided she was hungry again.

The kid might have eaten more than I did today.

She was ready for bed at her normal time, and is up now.  I’m hoping that we’ll get a second night of double digit sleep.  She has played hard and eaten a lot today.  Fingers crossed.



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