What to muse about today?

March 27, 2012

On this morning’s drive to work AltNation played a new song (to them) by a new band (to them).  Disko Killers by Lowline.  Not a bad tune,  but not the ear worm of a few of the other songs they play in heavy rotation.  It reminded me of Simple Minds a lot, with a touch of the Cult.  Stu, on the other hand, thought it sounded like Garbage.  Made for an interesting conversation:

Stu:  Like Garbage, but not Courtney Love‘s band.  You remember that blond lady from Terminator:  Sarah Connor Chronicles, the one that owned the business from the future?  Her.  She’s the lead singer from Garbage.  It sounds like Garbage’s “Ready to Go” but if a man was the lead singer.

Me:  Oh, I can hear that now.

Neither of us could remember the name of Courtney’s band at the time.  This was in the morning, and I don’t think Stu had his morning tea, and I had not gotten too far down my cup of coffee.

Tee hee hee.

Sometimes it’s fun to car pool.



Update:  The band was Republica, not Garbage.  Neither of us for that right.  Oops.  I guess we’re more tired than we realize.