What to muse about today?

March 19, 2012

20120319-201156.jpgLook at how big she’s gotten!  Look at that attitude!  Even in short pants*, she has some ‘tude going.

We went for a walk after picking the girls up at day care.  Teagan was mostly in a good mood, enjoying the beautiful day, picking up sticks and rocks as we walked.  She mostly stayed on the sidewalk, only going into the road once, though keeping her out of flower beds and off lawns is a bit more difficult.

Sometimes I forgot how new things are for her.  I wanted to go on a nice walk in the warm weather, while she kept getting distracted by things on the side of the road.  Most of it was garbage, crushed packs of cigarettes, take out cup lids, gum wrappers.  Stuff that we just ignore, but she finds fascinating.  She wants to pick it all up and examine it.  Ugh.

Also, she loves picking up sticks, rocks and pine cones.  Today she wanted her back pack so she could carry more than the four sticks, three rocks and one pine cone from last walk.

All of the treasures she picks up on the walks are left at the front door, on the cocktail table.  She will greet them as she gets home and goes inside.  I haven’t haven’t tried moving them yet…  I do think she’d notice.



* She had an accident today.  We probably should look at the spare clothes in her bin and swap out the ones that are too small.  Although she does rock the pedal pushers and bobby sock with mary jane look pretty well.