March 16, 2012


After yesterday’s aside with Teagan finally able to sign “I love you,” I went looking for posts of the evolotion of her signing and saying “I love you.”  I couldn’t find any.  Maybe I’m just sucky at searching my archives, maybe I’m just sucky at writing down the really important things.  Learning how to say “I love you” is very important.

Teagan at first was able to recognize the sign, but she couldn’t replicate it.  Her fingers never would bend the right way.  So she’d end up holding her hand straight up, palm out, fingers up and together.  Almost as if she was saying “stop!”  As far as the actual words, once she started saying it, she would say “I you.”  She’d say it that way every night at bedtime, every time you’d hold up the sign.  “I you.” It wasn’t until just after she turned two that she was able to say the whole thing.

I know I have a picture of her trying to do the sign.  I know I have video of her saying “I you” as well.  Somewhere.

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