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March 15, 2012

on March 15, 2012

Daddy's Drink

Teagan was a very tired beast tonight.  So, let’s forget about the pre-schooler I wanted to leave by the side of the road and remember a time when she was a lovely little human.  Last night at dinner, Stu opened a can of soda, and Teagan asked what it was.

“Daddy’s drink,” Stu replied.  
Teagan responded “oh.”  
“Do you want to try it?”  
“No, thank you.”


She’s been like that with his drinks ever since my dad’s birthday the other week.  She had reached out and picked up Stu’s Negroni* and took a huge sip through the cocktail straw before he noticed and was able to stop her.  Stu said Teagan’s eyes grew wide and she shuddered.  Her mouth opened and the drink just poured out, along with a whole piece of calamari that she had been eating, before taking her purloined sip.  Pretty sure she wished she hadn’t tried it.

She’s refused every new drink he’s offered her to let her try.  She’s learned her lesson.


* I may have had a similar response, sans calamari, when I tried it too.  Ugh!  Gin.


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