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March 13, 2012

20120313-211340.jpgThis is Teagan’s next reward. A gel bag.  It was super easy.  I made it purple.  She likes purple.  With glitter!

Stu made a reward chart for her last week.  There are three things she needs to do:

                        1. Listen
                        2. Help clean up Ashlin’s dropped food and/or pick up her toys
                        3. No potty accidents

If she does one of these, at the end of the day we sit and go over her three goals and decides if she gets a sticker or not.  The chart is about half way filled with stickers, maybe more.  The desire, the need, to put a sticker on the chart is a huge incentive for her.  And for the most part, Teagan is a good kid.  Earning the stickers can be pretty easy.  Although there are times when she’ll blatantly disregard what we say.  If she starts doing that, we’ll remind her that she could lose the sticker at the end of the day.  That usually will bring her back to the better behavior.

She’s really tried to listen, which is fantastic.  She’s also very eager to help clean up, though she’s always enjoyed this, and been quick to help out, most times.  The accident thing has been a bigger challenge than expected.  She had been so good, days without an accident.  Then last week, she had four days in a row with accidents.  It’s frustrating.  She knows better.  It may be time to put the crackle pants* back on her.

Anyway, tomorrow she gets her first reward.  I can’t wait!




* Plastic lined training pants.  They crackle.  Teagan thinks it’s pretty cool.

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