What to muse about today?

March 11, 2012

Look at me, Mommy!

Today we met up with friends at a playground on the beach.  Awesome!

We moved out of the area before we really started going to playgrounds.  Teagan was not even one when we did.  It’s not that there aren’t nice playgrounds where we are now, but they aren’t quite as scenic.  Having the water as a backdrop adds a bit of appeal.

The morning was warm, but a bit windy.  I forgot a blanket to cover Ashlin with.  But other than that, we got out of the house pretty quickly, with not too much stress.  Teagan sang the “adventure” song as we drove off.

She was very happy to see her friend, I was happy to see her friend’s parents.  It had been too long.  So, other than the chilly wind and a small accident, it was a fun day.  We ended up having a fantastic lunch at the nearby diner.  The girls were wonderfully well behaved.  Teagan shared with her sister, Ashlin ate everything put in front of her.

Once home, Teagan went down easily for a nap.  Ashlin fought it for a long time.  I ended up putting the ceiling fan on and rocking her with the white noise app running.  You could see that her teeth were really bothering her.  I napped a bit too.  Don’t tell :)  Both girls ended up napping for about three hours.  Amazing.  Beach air does wonderful things for naps.

I could go for another sunny day at a beach play ground again, soon.