What to muse about today?

March 10, 2012

We went to the museum today.  Teagan had been looking through the latest Connecticut Parent magazine, and came across the add for “A Night at the Peabody,” and asked if she could do that.  Well, honey, you’re not old enough yet.  But we can go to the museum and see the dinosaurs today.  Would you like that?  And yes, she would, very much please.

So, after her morning nap that mostly wasn’t, we had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and headed out.  Well, Stu and peanut butter toast and Ashlin had goldfish and applesauce, she wasn’t in the mood for either the sandwich or the toast.  That’s ok.  She eats enough, she can decide she’s not in the mood for peanut butter.

We headed out, singing the Cat in the Hat song, all happy to be off to see the dinos.  Ashlin played along.  She had no clue.

Of course we forgot to pack the camera, and a second stroller.  We had one, but it wasn’t the double and I wasn’t sure if the double would actually be able to go through the museum.  Teagan wasn’t going to be able to walk the entire time, we were sure.   Also, we forgot to take her to the bathroom.  We turned around.  Stu grabbed the other umbrella stroller, I took Teagan to the bathroom and we headed out again.  Singing the same song.  Swung past the library to get the museum pass.

It was a good afternoon.  The museum was pretty cool.  Teagan was mostly interested in the giant elephants, the chomp chomp (alligator) and the turtle.  Oh, and the big purple quartz.  It was taller than her!  Some of the dioramas peaked her interest, but most of it was just beyond her.  She didn’t quite get that the fossils and skeletons were like what she had inside her.  In general, she liked it.  She asked to go back after her nap.

I didn’t get to read as much of the information on the displays as I would have liked.  Stu got a nice chunk of time with Ashlin, while I took Teagan to the bathroom (she was so good!).  He told me when I got back that everything we ever knew about dinosaurs was outdated.  Well, we knew that there’d been discoveries and corrections, but this took the cake.  According to the one interactive information board, the T Rex had feathers!  Feathers!!  Crazy!  I don’t like the idea of what I learned in my childhood needing to be relearned.  It seems so depressing.  Feathers!!  And the Triceratops isn’t a species any more, but a stage of growth?  When mature it’s a Torosaurus.  What’s with that?

It was a good day.

The girls are in bed.  I have a beer.  Hopefully, they’ll continue to behave.  I’m sure to be sleeping soon, I’ve been up since 5am.

Fingers crossed for a good night for all.