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March 7, 2012

on March 7, 2012

ImageSo, Ashlin has two teeth coming in.  Two!  I thought yesterday it was just one, but today, I saw that the one on the other side is also trying to push through.  

She was such a cranky pants two nights ago, that yesterday we stopped for some Teething Tablets.  The way the night went, She got put to bed before without giving her anything.  She was true to form though, and was up within an hour or so, and I gave her two then.

At first she did not like the little pills in her mouth and tried to spit them out.  I held the first one in, and it dissolved quickly.  The second one, she tried to tongue it out, but I gently changed her mind.  

She quickly calmed down.  It was like magic.  I rocked her a little, humming, and watched as the tension oozed from her.  Within 15 minutes of getting the tablets, she was calm and dozy again.  She went down, and stayed. Awesome.

Well, she stayed for about 5 hours, but that’s fantastic for her.

The teeth that are coming in are the eye teeth.  Not the top front, oh, no!  The eye teeth.  Stu said she’s going to look like a hockey player.  It’ll be hilarious!  I hope I can get a picture of her them when they come through.  

Now, the first is cut through, but barely.  The other one hasn’t cut through yet, but it could   cut through tomorrow.  Though knowing how her teeth have been coming, it will be next month.  Thankfully, it seems the tablets are helping.  I haven’t given her motrin since Monday.

I wonder how many teeth she’ll have by her birthday?


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