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March 1, 2012

Yesterday, as Stu was driving Teagan home from day care, it was snowing a wet and heavy snow.  He turned on the rear wiper to clear the window.  As it moved across the window, it made a funny noise.  Teagan laughed.  She said the car farted.  Stu played with her the rest of the ride home, turning the rear wiper on a few times, letting Teagan giggle about how the car was farting, then turning it off.  Then back on, with a different timing, and then off.

She was so excited by it, it was the first thing she stuttered when she got in.  Mama!  The car! Farts! Hahahahahaha! Farts!

This morning, I had to put the wipers on again.  It was doing something between rain and wet snow.  The rear wiper made a noise.  Teagan was beside her self laughing because the car was farting again.  I played with her, putting the wiper on and off at different intervals, and it was fun.

Ashlin laughed, because her sister was laughing.  It was a nice ride in to day care.

My car farts.  LOL!

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