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March 31, 2012

Is the Hop Hop going to eat me?

Does that bunny look like he’s going to eat my baby?  She is totally nom nomable.

Today, the town had an Easter Egg hunt, without an actual egg hunt.  I guess there’s something wrong with that here, too.  PopPop and I took Teagan, who had a great time.  She guessed jellybeans in a jar – three!  No, Monday*!  Then entered a raffle, and got to have a juice box and bag of animal crackers.  Oh, and got her face painted.

The teenager that painted her face seemed to make her nervous, but she overcame that fear.  She wanted to be a kitty!  He painted a small cat on her cheek.  Oh well.  She didn’t realize it was just a little thing on one side, she thought she was a ferocious meow meow!

We didn’t win the raffle of 15 bunnies, nor hear back about the jellybeans (I had put 220 down instead of 3).  She got to have a juice box, and drink from the box!  No sippy for her today!  She loved it.  And did a great job too.  She didn’t get scared when it was time to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  He is Ho Ho’s friend, after all.  No need to be scared of Ho Ho’s friends!  Mr. Bunny did look a bit evil though, hungry…  zombie bunny?

It's a bunny, no kitty!

She thanked everyone, even the girl who was giving away the goodie bags.  The girl was so impressed when we said we’d wait to have any until we got home to share with her sister, and Teagan did graciously, that she offered Teagan a second bag, for her sister. And a second balloon. Teagan almost hugged her.

Ashlin napped at home through the whole thing.  Her balloon ended up popping before she woke up.  Oh well.  She didn’t even know she had it.  And she’ll have more tomorrow.

She’s doing much, much better today.  No new rash, no fever.  The bit around her mouth is fading away nicely, she won’t look too cruddy for pictures.




* When Teagan counts now, it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (yes 11), 12, Monday, 14

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March 30, 2012


How big? So big!

Ashlin doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break.  Guess what?  That rash she had when we picked her up yesterday from day care?  You guess it!  Coxsackie Virus.  Yay.  Fun.

What a wonderful birthday present.

It did look a bit suspicious last night, but we thought, hoped more like, that it could be due to all the snot and drool she’s had thanks to the teeth she sprouting.  Nope!  Today, over the course of the morning, a rash appeared on her hands and feet, and legs.  Oh, and diaper area.  She got fussy and only wanted to be snuggled.  I was hoping it wasn’t Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, but made an appointment with the doctor anyway.

Doctor confirmed that it was indeed Coxsackie.  She has sores in her mouth.  We also need to keep an eye on the sores on her upper lip and around her nose, she said they looked like the start of Impetigo.  Great.



The doctor also ended up prescribing an antibiotic cream for the diaper rash. The very angry looking diaper rash. It wasn’t there last night, but had gotten worse this morning. One good thing, it is the same antibiotic cream she would need if she does have Impetigo.

We need to make sure she drinks, and eats a bit.  She could get dehydrated thanks to the pain from the sores in her mouth.  Awesome.  We’ve been down that road with her, and it’s not a fun ride.  Hopefully this time will be better.

Teagan had HFMD when she was was about 14 months old.  She never got the mouth sores, thankfully, but did get the rash, fever and conjunctivitis.  Ashlin’s already has a worse case than her sister did.

To add insult to injury, she’s got an umbilical hernia.  Over the past few weeks her belly button started looking more and more like an outie than the cute innie she had. They’ll keep an eye on it, generally it resolves on it’s own before they turn three.  If it hasn’t, they’ll fix it up then.

Poor kid.  What a sucky birthday day she’s had.


March 29, 2012


So, my baby turns one today.  I can’t believe it’s been a full year already.  It zoomed by in the blink of a bleary eye.  I was a bit bittersweet this morning watching her eat gold fish (and toast, and cheese, and fruit, and, and…), knowing I was sending her off to day care today, sad that I wasn’t going to be spending the day with her.  But, I got over that bit of sadness quickly.  She was home yesterday, and will be home with me tomorrow.  But the melancholy of today being her birthday is still there.

She’s grown so much, changed so much from the little (big!) peanut I had to wait to hold.  It’s been a year of challenges, for both of us.  She’s overcome so many of them.  At first it was her breathing and glucose levels.  Then it was the possibility of  hip dysplasia, thanks to her being breech for so long.  Then she was caught in the PKU screening, then nursing too much, and refluxing.  Not nursing enough, losing weight. And losing more weight.  Throwing up and almost needing to be tested for pyloric stenosis, a bout of croup, an ear infection, rash, allergic reaction, and another more impressive rash.  Stomach flu with severe dehydration, which lead to two ER visits, with an IV for fluids during the second one.  Sleeping through the night.

Swinging Birthday Girl!

No, wait.  She hasn’t overcome that yet, still up at least once, usually twice a night.  Though she will sleep around four or five hours in a stretch now.  More, if she’s been stuffed with macaroni and cheese, saltines and gold fish.

But there were good things that happened too.  Her first smile, her first laugh.  The huge laughs that Teagan can get from her, the way she looks at Teagan, and Teagan at her.  Her first party, staying up to see the Royal Wedding.  Many walks on the beach.  Rolling over, finally getting out of the swaddle.  Finally saying Mama. Standing.  Crawling.  Cruising.  Supported walking.  It’s all going by so fast.She loves imitating you, putting things on her head, playing peek-a-boo, talking on the phone.

She will say LaLa now, and NayNay, though her preferred word is still DaDa.

She gives hugs.  When being rocked to sleep, she wants to be up, with her head on your shoulder, snuggled in, instead of reclined in your arms.  She loves her glowing seahorse, and will usually go down easily, though still doesn’t stay down all night.

She’s got five teeth now, all came up within the past six weeks.  At least three more are just waiting to break through.

She sits back and watches, happy to be on the side lines.  If she wants attention she will ask – cry – for it, unlike her sister, who will be a dancing monkey for any attention.


I had this post open, revising it, adding to it, all day.  Maybe to keep my baby in mind today.  To hold her a bit longer.  I know the time she allows me to hold her is limited.  She’s going to grow up so fast, and want to run, run, as soon as she can walk.

I am looking forward to finding out who she will be as she grows older.


March 28, 2012

Grumpy Teagan

Teagan has been grumpy the past few days.  It’s not that she’s not sleeping, she is.  She gets at least 12 hours a night.  It could be that she’s not napping, which she just refuses to do at day care.

Anyway, today, she didn’t have an accident.  She asked to go to the playground as we were driving home.  I had gone to pick her up as Stu was working late, so it was just me and the two girls.  We had promised her a trip to the playground as a reward for not having an accident. So I took her to the smaller playground, the one with slides.  She promised to listen and be good.

We get there and I get Ashlin into the stroller, then get Teagan out.  And she was pretty good.  She didn’t run too far ahead while I pushed Ashlin, she dropped the garbage that she picked up and wanted to throw out.

She was so excited to be able to go down the slide!  The bottom had a bit of leftover rain or melted hail, which she asked me to wipe off.  Then we had to check the other two slides.  Yup, they both had water at the bottom too.  Ok, not a big deal to swish the water off.  Back to the big blue slide she runs, climbs up the ladder and down.  Laughing.

After a bit, she wanted to go on the swings.  Not the big girl swings but the baby ones.  The one Ashlin was in last time we were there.  Fine. Ashlin is staying in the stroller.  I wasn’t allowed to push her though.  Weird kid.  Eventually she wanted to get out, so we did the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle dance to get her out of the too-small swing.  The slightly wet sand under the swings was the next source of gravity, and she crouched down to grab a handful.  And peed her pants.

Then denied she did it.

I probably should have taken her home right then, but she wasn’t too fussed, and I didn’t have anything to change her into, I was only on a quick day care pick up.  We stayed a bit longer, hoping her pants would dry a little more before having to get her into the car.

She slowly became more and more unruly and stopped listening to me.  So, I told her she could do two more slide runs and then we needed to go home.  She tried to bargain for more time.  Nope, well ok, one more slide down, there really wasn’t any rush to get home if she wasn’t unhappy about her wet pants.

And so we started out of the park.  And she ran into the road.  Thankfully it is a very quiet street, and a surprisingly seemingly unused park, so she was fine.  I was lucky.  She melted into tears and became a boneless mass, unhappy that at first I yelled at her, and then because I was putting her into the car.

While Teagan cried, I got Ashlin in, the stroller away, then went back to Teagan and sat in front of her, at her eye level.  I asked her to stop crying and to listen to me.  That she can’t go running into the road, that she needs to listen and be a good girl or she won’t get to go to playgrounds with just mommy and her sister.  She did say she was sorry, and said she’d listen.

She still refused to admit she peed her pants.  Fine.

I’m proud of myself that I didn’t loose it, that I was calm the entire time.  The only time I yelled was when she ran into the road.  Oh, and when she tried to put the straw she found in the dirt into her mouth. And when she was horsing around at the top of the slide and almost fell off.  Gah.  I guess I yelled a lot.  I need to figure out how to get her to listen better, so we can go and do things, like go to the park alone,  without difficulties.  Without meltdowns.

After the girls were asleep, Stu told me that Teagan has assigned the younger guests to Ashlin’s birthday party a balloon color.  G gets a blue one, E can have green, Ashlin gets red, and she gets pink.  Dada is allowed to have a purple one.  She thought through all the possible colors.  Impressive, that our little Miss Bossy-pants is thinking ahead.


March 27, 2012

On this morning’s drive to work AltNation played a new song (to them) by a new band (to them).  Disko Killers by Lowline.  Not a bad tune,  but not the ear worm of a few of the other songs they play in heavy rotation.  It reminded me of Simple Minds a lot, with a touch of the Cult.  Stu, on the other hand, thought it sounded like Garbage.  Made for an interesting conversation:

Stu:  Like Garbage, but not Courtney Love‘s band.  You remember that blond lady from Terminator:  Sarah Connor Chronicles, the one that owned the business from the future?  Her.  She’s the lead singer from Garbage.  It sounds like Garbage’s “Ready to Go” but if a man was the lead singer.

Me:  Oh, I can hear that now.

Neither of us could remember the name of Courtney’s band at the time.  This was in the morning, and I don’t think Stu had his morning tea, and I had not gotten too far down my cup of coffee.

Tee hee hee.

Sometimes it’s fun to car pool.



Update:  The band was Republica, not Garbage.  Neither of us for that right.  Oops.  I guess we’re more tired than we realize.


March 26, 2012

Today I had lunch at Jake’s Wayback Burgers.  I had a doctor’s appointment that was right around the corner from one that was freshly opened.

The reason I went to the doctor – the eye doctor – was because the baby shoved her finger in my eye yesterday.  And it hurt.  A lot.  When I woke up this morning  it wasn’t feeling any better.  It was very hard to open and was super sensitive to light.  I was a bit worried that maybe she had scratched it or something.

Google helped me find an optometrist not too far away who was able to fit me in today.  Turns out that Ashlin hadn’t scratched my eye, but there was trauma.  He prescribed an antibiotic and cortisone drop, and after two doses my eye felt much better.  It was also much less red.  Added bonus of the eye drops is that my vision seems much better, almost back to normal.  It had been blurry since being pregnant with Ashlin.  Same thing happened with Teagan, and it eventually got better. You gotta love the weird pregnancy side effects.  Some of the reason my vision is still a bit blurry so far out from Ashlin’s birth is due to the sleepless nights.  Yay dry eye.

Anyway, my treat was to go to Jake’s.  It was lovely.  I got a black and white milkshake, a small fry and a cheese burger.  The burger was wrapped in butcher grease paper.  The fries were served in a cup.  The milkshake was so thick it wouldn’t go up the straw, which flattened as I tried.  Very lovely.  The fries and burger were pretty good, much better than Micky D’s.  Maybe not as good as Five Guys, but damn, totally hit the spot.

I could go for another milkshake.  Soon.


March 25, 2012


Look at that tooth! Our surprise tooth. And if you look closely, you can see its mate on the left, and bumpy areas in the back where the molars will be. This kid is a teething overachiever.

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March 24, 2012

Who Me?

Look who had a new tooth show up over night!

When she went to bed last night, she had the two on the bottom and then the top two eye teeth that are through, but not fully erupted.  This morning, as she was eating cheese and crackers, there was a new one on the bottom left just taunting me.

The top two aren’t out yet, just hanging out there, bulging her gums, looking ready to cut through.

This does explain why she’s been so cranky at bedtime these past few days.   Well, more than just the two teeth that aren’t cut yet.  However, she’s been a bit less bity, which is nice, though her latch is a bit scrape-y still.  I can’t seem to find a position where she’s not scraping those freshly budded top teeth.  Hopefully, soon, we’ll get it figured out.  I don’t remember this being such an issue with her sister.

This cheese-loving baby now has five teeth.  She seems to be getting a new tooth every week!


March 23, 2012

Ashlin said her first word today.  Well, tried to.  Stu was feeding her pieces of string cheese, and swears she said “cheese.”  When I got there, Stu asked her to repeat it, and she did.  It sounded pretty close to “cheese,” though I’m not sure if anyone else would understand it.

Her first word is cheese.

My baby!  I’m so proud.


March 22, 2012


Kitchen Sink

I started doing an Instagram photo a day challenge.  I don’t know why I decided to start a monthly photo challenge three-quarters of the way through the month, but I have.  I’m not even sure how long I’ll do this, but right now, it’s kinda fun.  I’ll eventually get them linked in somewhere.

Instagram is kinda fun.  Not sure if I like all the filters and effects, but the black and white filter is becoming my favorite.

Today’s challenge prompt was “kitchen sink.”  There’s a dragon (or monster!) in the sink!  Oh! No!

Yesterday’s challenge was “delicious.”  I knew what picture I was going to take as soon as I saw the challenge prompt.


Tomorrow will be “moon.”  I have at least one picture in my photo archives that I can use, if nothing else comes to mind.

And there’s the baby…  I’m off.

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