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February 19, 2012

on February 19, 2012

In the chair

Teagan got her first real hair cut yesterday.  She’s had her bangs trimmed once or twice before, but I don’t really count that.  Those little trims were done while standing and holding her.  Quick little things.  This time, she sat in the chair, and had a drape.

When we got to the salon, everyone was surprised that we called it a hair cut.  Our saying that she  she would be getting a hair cut today.  They quickly called it a trim, a style.  They were worried that the word cut would freak her out.  Teagan, although sensitive at times, isn’t too phased by that word.  We had done all the prep work on hair cut.  Her first hair cut.  I had told her that it would be like getting her nails cut, that if she sat still and followed instructions it wouldn’t hurt at all.

She was still a little nervous.  And excited too.  She had been looking forward to having her hair cut, but now that it was time, I think she was having second thoughts.  If she even knew what second thoughts were.  Maybe she just wanted to go eat oranges or grapes.

Still so small

The hairdresser had her watch while I got my hair washed and cut.  Smart!  She got to see that it didn’t hurt, and that it really wasn’t a big deal.

Then it was her turn.

She looked so small in the chair, even with the booster.

But she toughed it out.  She followed the hairdresser’s directions, well, as well as a 2.5 year old can.  She didn’t cry, she was such a trooper.  You could see she was anxious, but she braved it out.


First, he trimmed the back of her hair.  Mr. W asked her to look down at her shoes.  Teagan tried.  She would look down, and then after about 30 seconds would look up to the mirror.  I think 30 seconds is pretty good for a toddler, who’s never had her hair cut before.  I  crouched down by her feet and tried to talk to her, hoping to keep her attention to try to help her keep her chin down.  That helped.  A little.


Then, the bangs.  She sat very still for those.  She didn’t flinch, much, when he cut her bangs.  He got so close to her with the scissors, and yet she stayed very still.  Such a good girl. You could see her concentrating on not moving.

Pretty braids

Then he did these lovely french braids.  It’s crazy how many different shades are in her hair.  It almost looks like it’s highlighted.  Unless she went back to the early 80’s, I don’t think she has a bottle of Sun-In at her disposal.  And she didn’t do a very even job at spraying it in either.  I wonder what color her hair will be, once it stops changing.  Ashlin’s is lightening up, while Teagan’s seems to be getting darker.

Teagan had no idea that she’dget a lollipop after her hair cut.  We hadn’t mentioned it to her earlier.  She loved the fact that she could actually pick the color/flavor of her treat.  At first, she wanted pink, no blue, no green…  wait, purple!  She was very excited by her lollipop.  It may have been the first one she’s had.

The Mr. W said she did a great job, as did the other people from the salon.  She was so happy.  She hugged the hairdresser afterwards, and said thank you.

My baby girl is getting so big.


And yet, still so small.

Sitting Pretty

Oh, and the braids lasted maybe an hour. She couldn’t stop touching them, playing with them.

2 responses to “February 19, 2012

  1. Kate says:

    So cute! Also, the smock? AWESOME! I still haven’t cut even a smidge. Someday…

  2. lisasff says:

    I know! The salon has the best kids smocks! I guess it helps that it’s just outside of Woodstock, too.

    Until Saturday, I had only done two mini bang trims, just because her hair came in all funny and sideways and uneven. I stopped doing them because our Miss T cannot keep her hair out of her eyes and will not leave a barrette alone.

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