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February 17, 2012

on February 17, 2012

Ashlin by Teagan

She’s a budding artiste! This is Teagan’s drawing from tonight. She drew her sister. Totally looks like her too.

I ask Teagan to draw me something. Tonight, I asked her to draw Ashlin. She made the yellow circles.  Then she picked up an orange marker. I said that Ashlin didn’t have orange in her, but that she did have blue eyes. So Teagan drew the eyes. Then the mouth. I suggested using black for the hair, as the brown marker was dried up.

This may be the first picture she’s colored that sort of looks like something, like what it may be.  Her first true portrait.

It sort of looks like a Picasso :)

She does lovely watercolors.  I should get her some watercolors for home.


3 responses to “February 17, 2012

  1. Kate says:

    That is amazing! Go Teagan! As you know G is a minimalist artist. Recently he brought home a “jellyfish” with a circle middle and a bunch of tentacles all around it. He says he did it but I suspect Supree did. ;) He did make a giraffe once, perhaps the most effort I’ve seen him put into something art related: http://365project.org/#/k8land/365/2012-01-31 Maybe T will give him some lessons. He did enjoy the easel with her!

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks! I’m so proud. Now if she did a bit more, and got famous, we could sell them… And give G some lessons. Heh.

      BTW, the link didn’t open?

    • lisasff says:

      Ok, I made an account and was able to find it. LOVE IT! That’s awesome. Such a fun art project too!

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