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February 15, 2012

on February 15, 2012

Ribbon Sticks

Now that things have calmed down a bit with Ashlin, who’s doing great!  Yay!, I can go back to posting fun things!  Crafty things!  I did briefly mention that I made ribbon sticks as a reward for Teagan.

She  has been using the  potty so well, and had several days in a row with no accidents.  It’s awesome.  She still needs to be reminded when she’s caught up playing, but she’s capable of knowing when she needs to go or not.  She’s not fully night-trained yet, but that will come.  She’s already waking up over night at least once or twice a week asking to go potty.  We may need to convert her crib to a toddler bed soon.  Though I’m not quite ready to lose that bit of control we still have.  It is nice having her contained at night.

Teagan’s day care uses ribbon sticks during Activity.  I found some on Amazon that are very similar to the ones they have, the ones that we need to pry from her fingers if she gets them before being picked up for the night.  Looking at them, they seemed very simple, something I could probably duplicate myself for much less money.  After the girls were put to bed one night, I hit google to see if there were any crafty sites that could help me make my own.

Happy Teagan

I found lots of sites, but most were pretty similar.  Basically the difference was how the ribbons were attached.  There were ones that had a hole drilled and the ribbons fed through that, or the ones that had a metal eye-hook and small ring where the ribbons were tied.  Knowing Teagan, I went with the drilled version.

Teagan and went shopping together for her potty success reward.  I found a square wooden dowel that would work in Joanne Fabric.  For the ribbons, I looked for something that was thin and cloth.  Teagan wanted pink, no purple, no pink.  We eventually found sparkly pink and sparkly purple ribbons in a clearance bin.  There was enough on the spool to make two ribbon sticks.

Stu cut the dowel in half, though we could probably have cut it in thirds, and drilled a hole.  I asked him to make it a bit bigger, so I could get two ribbons through.  He enlarged the hole and sanded the corners and ends.  I got the ribbon through and knotted it.  So easy.

Teagan loves them.  She’s played with them three out of the past four days.  I’m glad we found the time to make them for her.

I’m glad she’s using the potty, too.




4 responses to “February 15, 2012

  1. Tom says:

    So glad to hear Ashlin is doing better Lisa.

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  3. Whatever! says:

    […] February 15, 2012 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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