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February 13, 2012

on February 13, 2012


She’s doing so much better today.  My brave girl.  The IV did help.

Her morning diaper was soaked.  Drenched.  A total flood like we haven’t seen in days.  Yay!  She nursed well, was in a good mood, a better mood than she’s been in lately.  So nice to see her back.  We hadn’t realized how reduced, how diminished she was.  She usually shines brighter than she has been.

Instructions from the ER docs on discharge were to make sure she drinks 30ml ever hour she’s awake.  If she has any diarrhea, then to add an additional 20ml.

Most of the day was spent trying to get fluid into her and waiting for a wet diaper.  Waiting for the Tinkle Fairy, as someone said.  We only got two slightly damp diapers.  Not too bad, after the morning heavy.  We also got two poopsplosions.   Great.  More fluid to try to get back into her.

Force-feeding her pedialyte through a syringe is not fun.  She won’t take it any other way, unless she’s thirsty and sleeping.  You have to hold her arms down and put the syringe in, forcing her to swallow.  Most will go in, some escapes.  She fights, she cries.  I hate making her cry.

At least now, when she cries, she can make tears.  Watching her cry, and not having any tears just tore my heart in two.

Stu and I were only able to get about 100ml into her.  We should have given her about 200ml.  Now, since she did nurse, and nursed several times today, that reduces the total amount needed.  But we still didn’t get enough into her.  She’ll be in day care tomorrow, and they’ll need to try to get her to drink, too.  She’ll get four 90ml bottles of breast milk, so that should make up the bulk of what she’ll need.

Hopefully, it will all go well.  I’m a little anxious about it.

Oh.  And she’ll say “mama” now, and mean me.  She doesn’t just say it when she’s crying and wants me.  Pretty cool.


10 responses to “February 13, 2012

  1. KimLy says:

    KimLy W*K* commented on your post.

    KimLy wrote: “So glad to hear this!!!”

  2. Kelly says:

    Kelly B*N* commented on your post.

    Kelly wrote: “YES!!! So glad she is feeling better!!”

  3. Christie says:

    Christie W*T* commented on your post.

    Christie wrote: “So glad Ashlin’s feeling better!”

  4. Riana says:

    Riana commented on your post.

    Riana wrote: “So glad the IV got the healing process started! Here’s to another soaked, pee diaper in the morning and an Ashlin on the mend.”

  5. Aw! I’m just seeing these I’VE posts now! I’m so sorry she’s been this sick. I’m glad she’s on the mend.

  6. Melissa says:

    Melissa G* D* commented on your post.

    Melissa wrote: “Hey Lisa!! I’m so happy to read shes doing much better. It’s so scary to have your little so sick. We are thinking about you guys and sending lots of well wishes!!”

    • lisasff says:

      Melissa, you are so right, it’s not fun having such a sick little one. Thank you for the good wishes! They must be working, she was singing today, and jumping so hard I thought she’d jump right out of her romper! LOL!

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