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February 13, 2012 ~ That’s Not My Name

on February 13, 2012


Last night while Ashlin and I were in the ER, Stu and Teagan were working off the minutes before bath and bed time.  Teagan asked to dance, so Stu moved the baby cage and fired up the Wii.  Teagan loves the Wii Just Dance.  Stu takes the back dancing position, giving Teagan the run of the front of the room.  With her brand new dancing sticks.*  He lets Teagan pick the songs.  She loves to pick the songs for us to dance to.

She likes “Orange Face,” or Dagomba, and will always ask for that first.  Then they did a little Jackson Five, a little Blondie – Teagan wants green hair now.  Great.  They move on to Vampire Weekend, and Teagan starts to sing along.  (I so wish I was there!)  Then comes the Ting Tings.  Teagan is really getting into it, waving her dancing sticks around.  She starts singing the chorus, or shouting, more like.  A few rounds of “That no my name!  No No my Name!” before she stops dancing.  Teagan turns to Stu and asks, “So, what her name, daddy?”

I so wish I had been there to see that!



* She had three days in a row with no accidents, so Stu and I made the ribbon sticks, and gave them to her.  She LOVES them.  That was supposed to have been the entry for yesterday, but well, my poor desiccated baby came first.

Ribbon Sticks

6 responses to “February 13, 2012 ~ That’s Not My Name

  1. Love the ribbon sticks! That’s so funny because I just read another blog post (this mummas life) where she made something similar.

    • lisasff says:

      Interesting! The ring kite thing was something I just came across yesterday in a toddler activity book someone gave me.

      The ribbon sticks are something they use in day care, and one day Teagan just would not put hers down when we came to get her. Eventually I was able to persuade her to put it away so we could go home. Then I told her that if she could go 3 (or 5, I was vague about the actual length,) days with no accidents we would get her one.

      Looking for the ones day care had, I found several sites that had instructions to make them. So, I made them. I’ve had the stuff for weeks now, just waiting for a string of no potty accident days…

      How funny that someone else did one too!

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