What to muse about today?

February 11, 2012


Poor baby, swaddled up at the hospital. Sleeping for a little bit before she was poked and prodded. Again.

We were sent by the on-call doctor because she got very very dehydrated. And puked a lot.  And was listless.

She was crying and didn’t have enough moisture to make tears. Heartbreaking.

We tried to make her drink. But she still got dehydrated.

We were admitted, they debated on if she had fifths disease too, or if that was the cause. I was yelling inside, that it wasn’t fifths.

Ashlin ended up perking up and tried to make friends with kids in the waiting room and in the hallway.

As we were released, to continue what we’ve been doing, the discharge nurse told me that Ashlin was the most adorable kid that was in the ER tonight. I’m sure she says that to everyone.

We’re home. She’s sleeping. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.