February 7, 2012

So, Stu is sick. Some nasty stomach thing. Not a flu, but icky. All day, he wasn’t able to keep anything down, but maybe water. Five shades paler than he normally is. Thin.

For the most part, I got the girls ready for day care – bottles, clothes, all the stuff – and myself ready for work. Well, Stu did get Teagan dressed, which was awesome. I got them loaded into the car and dropped them off. My Maxwell House moment didn’t happen until I headed to work. I got to wake up on the drive in, with my cup of coffee.

On the ride, I started wondering if I actually felt ill, or if it was a strange sympathy pain. Most of the day I was a tad queasy, but never more than that. Just a little bit off. I still don’t feel quite right, but it’s not enough to slow me down. Not yet, anyway.

Fingers crossed that I don’t catch it, or haven’t yet…


PS. I do have another clogged duct. Argh. I hate when I can’t pump enough at work. Ashlin’s not helping, much. I think a combo of her ears and the teeth that may be pushing through make it painful for her to nurse.

5 thoughts on “February 7, 2012

  1. I got a nasty stomach bug during our huge competition..cramps, lower intestinal issues for 2 days, cramps that continued for a week. It was horrible. I hope that he is feeling better and that you don’t get it. My family didn’t somehow. Lysol is our friend!!

    • Ugh, Kris, that sucks! I can’t imaging feeling like I did yesterday away from home. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep.

      Thankfully, he was feeling better, so helped a LOT with Ashlin.

      Today is cleaning up from the past few days… All of Ashlin’s bedding needs to be washed, and some of her toys. Then will come a thorough wipe-down of surfaces! My fingers crossed that Teagan doesn’t get it.

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