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February 6, 2012 ~ Teagan Dreams & Desires

Breakfast is usually interesting.  This morning, Teagan told he that she didn’t dream about twinkle stars, but about lamps and, I think it was pigs.  There may have been dancing, she was fuzzy on the details.

She also told me that I needed to invite some one in particular to her sister’s party.  Guess who?  Guthrie!!  She said that if we invited him to Ashlin’s party, they could have their own party.  So cute.  Oh, and Ashlin can have cupcakes for her party.  She’s allowed to have cupcakes.

Then Teagan started talking about her birthday party.  The invite list is to include a few kids from day care, and Guthrie, and Auntie Em, and J*, a teacher at day care.  She didn’t want to invite her favorite teachers, or the ones we think are her favorites.  Especially one, who’s name she sometimes uses when she talks to me. (Yes, it bothers me a bit that she’s calling me someone else, that somehow the line between teacher and mother has gotten blurred for her.  Anyway).   And she wants both cupcakes and cake at her party.  And candy.  And she wants to wear her Christmas outfit, with the teddy bear.

And she wants to have LaLa and PopPop over for breakfast, or was it lunch?


We can do that.


February 6, 2012

New Seat!

Look who is happy about being in a new carseat!  Even with the big bruise still on her forehead and the slightly startled look.  She really enjoyed driving around on errands yesterday (when we did the seats) and today.  I don’t remember Teagan being so happy when we finally got her out of the bucket and into the rear-facing seat.  Ashlin giggled and  played.

This morning, Teagan and Ashlin chatted with each other.  Much more than they used to, when Ashlin was in the bucket seat.  Stu said they were passing toys, sharing goldfish (to Teagan’s chagrin!), having a good time.  I wish I had seen it.  They both were up much earlier than normal, so we got them ready and Stu took them in while I finished getting ready.

I missed seeing Teagan in her new seat for the first time.

She really liked it.  She was still happy about it when we picked them up.

Teagan in the box!

She also LOVED the box her new chair, (with a cup holder!!!1!), came in.



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