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February 3, 2012

Feet night of 2-2

You know it’s never a good thing when the doctor says “impressive”, and then calls the other doctors in the office to come see.

It started last night.  Ashlin came home with another rash.  Day care (thankfully didn’t send her home!) thought it was a contact rash.  Although it covered her arms and legs, she didn’t seem very bothered by it.  I gave her a dose of Benadryl before bed, hoping it would help bring it down.  It didn’t.  I also hoped the Benadryl would help her sleep.  It didn’t.  Sigh.  I do wish this little girl would settle down and sleep better.

When she woke in the morning, her “spotty” rash was more blotchy, and was all over.  I called the doctor.

Leg night of 2-2

The earliest appointment wasn’t until 11:30.

When we got there, the PA had me strip Ashlin down, and when she came back to get her temperature, was amazed at the coverage of the rash.  I suppose that should have been some sort of forewarning.

The doctor came in, and she was also impressed with the rash.  After listening to me describe Ashlin’s symptoms from Sunday night and then what Stu told me from Monday, she saw how I would have thought viral rash.  Ashlin did have at least two days of a high fever.  She thought at first that could have possibly been Fifth’s Disease, not Roseola like I did, but it’s the wrong season, and not all the symptoms fit.  She confirmed Tuesday’s diagnosis of an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin.

She hadn’t seen a reaction as strong, with as much coverage, as Ashlin’s.  Great.  The first person she called in to look was the doctor that will be on call this weekend.  Then she called in another doctor, then the doctor we usually see.  Oh, and then the one from Tuesday’s appointment, who confirmed to her that Ashlin didn’t look any where near this bad then, and that it was more pin-point than the hive like blotches she has now.

Leg 2-3

Then she took pictures of Ashlin’s legs and back.  Several pictures.

Ashlin’s ears, which were clear on Tuesday, had regressed, and were infected again.  Both were bad though, only the left was bulging.

So, anyway, we’re to dose her every six hours with Benadryl for a day, and if the rash seems better, drop the dosage to every 12.  Also, to watch her, (like we wouldn’t!), and if her temperature goes up, if her rash becomes more hive-like and raised, if it seems to get itchy, if Ashlin starts getting more fussy, if her joints seem to swell or ache, we’re supposed to call.  Right away.  Everyone from the office that’s working this weekend is aware of the situation.  And they’ve seen her rash.

They gave us a new prescription for her ears, but said we should wait a day or two before we giver her any.  We need to have the rash clear up before we give her anything that she could react to.  They don’t want any possible side effects from the Azithromycin to be muddied by her existing reaction to the Amoxicillin.

Back 2-3

This afternoon, the Benadryl made Ashlin sleepy. I woke her for dinner, which she wolfed down.  Second dose and her eyes were rolling up in her head.  She was down in about five minutes.

Hopefully, the Benadryl does it’s job, and clears the rash up.  Makes it better.  It would also be nice if it helps her sleep.  Because that would help me sleep more.  I need more sleep.  I’m tired of walking around in what feels like a daze, ready to fall asleep if I sit still for more than ten minutes.

But more than sleep for me, I just want her to be better.


Teagan had an accident today.  She had made it through almost all of the day without one.  Her accident was at 4:30.  So, she didn’t get her reward – the light box – today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow.