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January 30, 2012

Yesterday, Teagan and I made tonight’s dinner.  Pizza Casserole!  Yay!

I got everything ready, chopped up the bread and the tomatoes.  Instead of the prosciutto the recipe called for, I used meatballs, and cut those up.  Everything was in it’s own bowl, waiting for Teagan to help put the final dish together.

And she was a good helper.  She listened, and followed directions very well.  The bread was in the big bowl, but then she got to add the other ingredients, tomatoes, cheese, meatballs.  Stirring was a hit! I am very glad I used an extra big bowl to put this together in.

I ended up breaking the eggs and whisking them up.   But she watched, counting the eggs as they went in the bowl, to make sure I didn’t put too few or too many in.  I also put the mixture into the pan and spread the eggs over top.

Stu worked from home today, so he pulled it out and put it into the oven.  Yay!

We all ate dinner together – a rare-enough luxury! – and enjoyed it.  Teagan didn’t like her tomatoes, though she did eat a few.   Ashlin, on the other hand, loved the tomatoes, and probably ate a few of Teagan’s.  Even Stu liked it.

We will totally be making this again.  It was so easy to put together.  Next time, I would make sure to get the egg and sour cream mixture more evenly spread.  And add the basil – I thought I had some, but didn’t.  It was still yummy.



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