What to muse about today?

January 28, 2012

Teagan missed her sister this week.  A lot.  Ashlin was almost always asleep when she was awake.  No sisterly kisses before bed, or upon waking, or even before leaving for day care.  No sisterly hugs.

Ashlin seems to be better.  She was actually conscious for more than one hour at a time.  Her fever, although not gone, was in the double digits, and not triple, so better.  No motrin or tylenol today.  Her appetite wasn’t really there, but she did eat.  A little.  She nursed.  A lot.

Teagan was so distracted with everything this week – her sister, several no bathroom accident days – that she didn’t notice that her hop hop shoes aren’t around.  The original ones, the ones that she saw from across the Old Navy.  She had finally outgrown them, after weeks of trying to squeeze her feet in.  They had to be thrown out.  She asked once, but we distracted her.  The replacement slippers – still hop hops – aren’t as cute.

Other than throwing out her most favorite slippers ever, and her sister getting her first ear infection, Teagan had an interesting week.  She told us a story about the worms that live in her boogers, and make her yawn.  I wasn’t party to that story – Stu was – and I think I’m happy.


She also dreamed – twice! – about things other than twinkle stars.  One night Teagan dreamt about her aunt NayNay and cake.  Not sure if Renee was eating cake or dancing with cake.  Or were they cupcakes?  I don’t remember.  One way or the other, interesting.  Another night she dreamt about a little pig and a big pig.  Two pigs.

Oh, and Ashlin’s tooth has finally cut through.

Pay no attention to the snot that is still pouring out of her nose.