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January 23, 2012

Last night as I was falling asleep, Stu reminded me that Teagan unlocked the mystery of the jigsaw puzzle today. I reminded him that he spent most of the time with her, playing puzzles, while I only got to see Ashlin knocking down milestones and being dangerous :D  Actually, while this was happening, Ashlin was napping, and I was being all domestic, paying bills and sorting through the piled-up junk mail.

So, Teagan and Stu were playing in the playroom.

We have been given a bunch of preschooler puzzles, some wood.  I had sat with Teagan, trying to show her the magic behind the puzzle, trying to teach her how to figure it out.  Look for the pink, find more pink.  Try to deduce the picture, look for more that will finish the picture.  Edges go on the outside, with the corners in, well, the corners.  She’d always have fun, but just didn’t get it.

Yesterday, she got it.  She would put the puzzle together, take it apart, put it together again.  If Stu worked on a different part, or different puzzle, and put it together wrong, she’d tell him he was being silly, and tell him how it should go.  I did go in a few times to see how they were doing, saw her putting the puzzles together, but it didn’t click that she was actually doing them herself.

Sometimes mama can be so dumb.

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