What to muse about today?

January 21, 2012


It snowed.  Last night and today.  Light and fluffy snow.  Not good snowman making snow.  Teagan was sad about that.  Oh well.  We still had fun playing in it.

We went out in the morning, while the snow was still falling, and had a blast.  Teagan tried making snow castles, even though it wasn’t really packing snow.

Granted, Teagan wasn’t listening much, she kept getting in Stu’s way while he was shoveling the driveway. But she wanted to help him.  We probably should get her a small snow shovel, just to humor her.

Snow angel!

So, instead of making a snow man or snow castles, Teagan and I tried to make snow angels.  Sometimes getting her to do something is like herding cats.  Eventually, she did one – for LaLa.

She didn’t want to ride the sled down the hill, but eventually sat in it, and by the afternoon, let me pull her around.

Catching snowflakes was also something Teagan kept trying to do.  She loves to eat snow.  We have to make sure she eats only clean snow.  Also, was always taking her mittens off, and then complaining about her hands being cold.  Silly girl!  They’re there to keep your hands warm!

Catching snowflakes

We had to go in after about an hour.  Everyone was cold – Teagan too!   Although, as it was her nap time, she insisted she wasn’t cold, and wanted to stay out.  Ashlin slept through the entire outing, which made it easier.

We bundled everyone up and went back out after lunch, even Ashlin, who wasn’t being compliant and napping as she should.  So, in her bunting, I put her in the swing.  She had fun!  She’d get a push from me, or from Teagan, or occasionally Stu (who was still shoveling the driveway).

She was all smiles and laughing.  When she could see her sister, she would smile bigger.  Watching her enjoy snow was so much fun.


Eventually, Teagan let me pull her on the sled.  Down the hill in the front yard, over the curb, and up the driveway.  Back to the begining.  Ashlin got a push at the top, and would giggle.  Off we’d go again for another circuit.

Stu, by this time, had finished shoveling the driveway, put the shovels away and came up.  Teagan and I were about halfway down the yard when he said that Ashin – who I had just pushed not even two minutes before – was freezing.  He took her in, I finished the trip with Teagan and then we came in.

Ten minutes later, we got all the snow suits and stuff off, and Teagan up to bed for an afternoon nap.  Stu told me that Ashlin was really cold, unresponsive cold.  Spooky cold.  She was just staring off, not focusing on anyone.  He got her out of the bunting and wrapped in a blanket and hugged her to get her warm again.

Swinging in the Snow

I had just been there and gave her a push. Teagan pushed her too, and she was gigging.  Crazy how fast that happened.  I would have been back at the top of the path within 3 minutes, and I hope I would have noticed if Stu hadn’t already brought her in to warm up.

She was fine after a little bit.  I snuggled her too.  When she went up for her nap, I swaddled her in a flannel blanket and, after rocking her a bit to get her sleepy, put a nice warm blanket down.  After the nap, she seemed back to normal – hungry, active, dadadada.

I guess, next time we’ll double bundle her and keep an extra close eye on her.