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January 18, 2012 ~ SOPA-PIPA

Fight for the Future at Whatever

Today, for 12 hours, I joined a protest.  Along with many others, I went black for SOPA and PIPA.  Wikipedia, for the first time ever, blocked their US site, and had information about this act.  This act, this censorship, is wrong.  It’s too much like Big Brother, and instead of Thought Police, they will be more like an “Ownership” Police, potentially shutting down small sites, harassing larger ones, having search engines remove links to perceived pirate sites.

Wikipedia US Screen

Wikipedia US - Detail

Fight the Future

Lots of places are using a Tag line of “Fight for the future” for their PIPA information, their link to an on-line petition. That just makes me think of X-Files, and raises the paranoia quotient 100%.  I want to believe that the internet is a free place for all.

It seems, from a very early preliminary look, all the blacked out sites may have some sort of success.

Darth is happy too.

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January 18, 2012


This morning was a lovely drive. Yes, into work.  Boo for work. But there seemed to be something special about it, almost magical.

I had the 80’s station on the  sat radio.  Teagan had not liked the song on the Alt station and I was hunting for some music she liked.  English Beat came on – Twist and Crawl – and she liked that.  Girls get dropped off at day care, with little trouble, so, off to work.

Up until the tunnel, (that seems to scare most other drivers), the ride was relatively normal.  Traffic, idiots in the passing lane going 30 miles slower than the rest of the people on the road.  Grrrr.

Anyway. That all changed at the tunnel.  Just as I come out of the tunnel, the sun comes out from behind a cloud, Talk Talk (by Talk Talk) comes on, the truck in front of me moves immediately to the right lane,  I accelerate up the hill.  The sun strobes start flashing in time to the song.  Awesome!

I still have open road in front of me.  Traffic seems to have just gone away and is unusually light.  So not the normal stop and go morning commute. Wonderful.

Red Skies by the Fixx comes on.  The strobes pulse in time.


Or, it was, until the last exit.  Two miles from the office.  Accident.  Three lanes merged into one.  It took almost 20 minutes to finish the ride in.

I had to pee.

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