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January 13, 2012


Hands Up!

Today’s episode in the ongoing saga of the hole in the roof at day care, the hole was still there.  One of the care givers was vacuuming up tile dust as Teagan was being dropped off. (Yay!  Her favorite chore)!  Stu and two of the care givers discussed the hole, and what was going to happen.

[Stuff then happened that Stu did tell me, but I don’t remember, as  I don’t think I had had my coffee yet.  Still half-asleep.  Maybe he’ll fill it in.]

One care giver said she’d would have fixed the hole, but she couldn’t reach.  A second also said she couldn’t reach.  Teagan, still with her coat falling off her shoulders and her hat sideways on her head, volunteered to fix the hole in the ceiling.  She raised up her arms, stood on tippy toes, and then sighed in resignation.  “I can’t reach it yet.”

Sometimes my head just melts with the cuteness of her.  I wish I had been there.

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