What to muse about today?

January 12, 2012

Teagan was so cute when we picked her up from day care.  Something happened, and there was a hole in the roof, right above the toddler area.  The facility got two men to work and fix it.  I think it was ok by the time we got there, but I hear there was lots of excitement.

Teagan was her normal sweet self.  She told the other kids (and Stu when he collected her) that Santa made the hole in the roof.  “Ho Ho fall through the roof!”  She loved the workers too – “Mans!  Mans fix hole from Ho Ho!” (Yes, everything had an exclamation mark today!)

As we were loading her into the car, she saw the workers, and told me that “there, mans.  Mans fix roof.”  One of them overheard, and said that she was such a sweet kid.  She smiled at them and was very excited that they were there.  They were both black, and very pleased that my little girl called them “man”.  They both thought it was very funny.

It gave us the opportunity to tease Teagan, just a little, on the ride home.  Somehow she decided that Santa was in the car.  Stu said that he couldn’t get in, as the roof was closed.  Silly Dada, he came in the door!  I ask if he’s in the trunk, behind her.  Silly Mama, he’s sitting right next to her!

Great imagination on this kid.

Also, only Santa, and Teagan, can say “ho, ho,  ho”.  She gets very upset if we say “ho ho ho”.  We ask her if we can say it, she tells us we can’t.  Fun stuff.

It was much better than the night before, when she told Stu that poop lived in a house in her butt.