January 10 ~ Front Tooth?

Front Tooth?

Can you see it??  Can  you?

I know, it’s a very very bad picture, with not enough light.  But I swear that lower-right tooth is almost through.  Almost.

Her first tooth. At 9.5 months.

After weeks of often interrupted sleep.  Nights where she slept in two and occasionally three-hour stretches.

Maybe the tooth is up enough that she’s not as bothered by it, even though it’s not totally cut yet, and that could be why she did one four-hour stretch last night.  I’m hoping there’ll be another long sleep tonight.  Don’t want to be too greedy, though!  Four hours in a row is a very lovely chunk of sleep.  That’s so much better than what she’s been averaging lately.


PS.  Is it me, or do her eyes look green???  Nah.  It’s probably the light.


8 thoughts on “January 10 ~ Front Tooth?

    • Thanks! I think! LOL!

      Last night the “teeth of doom” type of playing started… Maybe I’m not excited about this any more… sleep or biting? Sigh.

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