What to muse about today?

January 9, 2011

who me?

Not yet.  She’s not crawling yet.  And last night, she wasn’t sleeping.  Well, not until way too late.  Inhumanly late.  I’m begining to think she’s going just a rude and inconsiderate baby.  Stu woke me up around 1:40 to go up to bed.  She had been downstairs since 10:00.

It’s just not right.

We both got comments about how tired and run down we looked today.

She’s also not crawling yet.  Still.  Though she’s still working on it.

She also doesn’t like to say “mama”, though she is more than capable of saying it.  She has.  If I’m in the room, she just won’t.  She gave me the one “mama” on New Year’s, so that’s enough for her.

Not like this video that Stu shared earlier today.  Which is awesome.  Just, not my baby.  Quite the opposite.  Sigh.