What to muse about today?

January 5, 2012

Today, I thought I would be writing about how Teagan’s doing so well with potty training.  How she usually doesn’t have any pee accidents, and rarely a poop accident.  Excitement with each successful pottying.  Marshmallows as a reward just about every day.  How proud she was, and we were, with her achievement.

But no.  Not today.

I got a call from day care this afternoon and was told that we needed to come pick up Teagan.  She needed to go home.

She was having poopsplosions.  Ewwww.

At least three of them.

My poor baby.

I’m so glad that she wasn’t home with this, and that we didn’t need to deal with it.  And then I felt bad for her teachers.

She had a banana for dinner.