What to muse about today?

January 4, 2012

I think we take Teagan shopping too much.  Maybe because taking her along on errands is a nice time killer.  Stu usually is the one to find some trivial, some not so trivial, errand to run.  Bread?  Can always use more.  Hammer?  Can’t seem to find ours.  Shoes?  She’s outgrown hers.

But I think we take her too often.  The past few days, every time we get in the car she asks if we’re going to the store, going shopping.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Stu or I, or the two of us, putting her in the car.  It’s always the same conversation.

Teagan:  “We going store?”

Us:  “No, we’re going to day care/LaLa’s/the park/Aunt Wendy’s/etc.”

Teagan:  “We going store?”

Us:  “No, honey, we’re not going to the store.”

Teagan:  “We go buy something?”

Us:  “No, we’re not going to by something, we’re not going to the store.”

Teagan:  “But we need…  things.  We go store?”