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December 27, 2011

on December 27, 2011

Can I Rip It?

Back home, and at a full sized keyboard!  Yay!

Ashlin still isn’t crawling yet, but she’s determined! She finally figured out the foot thing, and can get that pesky foot out quickly now. However, her butt may be too heavy now, as she just collapses, and it looks like she’s planking. Or sort of, anyway, as her arms aren’t flat, but at an angle, almost as if she was a seal.

She is very, very determined to figure out this crawling thing though.  A few more days, and she’ll be there.

Maybe by then, she’ll figure out how to say “mama” too. :)

Not a Ho Ho Hat?

She was also very nonplussed by Christmas.  Her favorite toy, for a while anyway, was that blue bag in the background.  She eventually moved on to a worm in a beret rattle and her sister’s cowgirl hat.  Much to Teagan’s annoyance.

Teagan, on the other hand, was absolutely fascinated with all things Christmas and Santa (Ho Ho!).  She made her first baked good – Dippy Chippy/Magic Bars – and left them out for Santa, along with a note and a picture she thought he’d like to see.  Oh, and some carrots for Rudolph.

Ho Ho, Snowflake!

Passing out presents was fun!  Teagan, at first, thought they were all for her.  To be fair, quite a few of them were.  She wanted to open everything, and helped each of us get every bit of paper off the boxes.  She LOVED her rocking horse, and would climb on throughout the morning for a quick ride.

It was an awesome day.  Seeing it through the eyes of my daughter brought some of the magic back.  Everything was new and amazing for her.

But it’s nice to be home. It’s quiet, which is nice. We have to think about cooking food, which is annoying at times. It’s very nice to have someone meal plan for you.  LOL!

The girls got waffles for breakfast today :D  Maybe tomorrow, they’ll get some crepes.


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