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December 29, 2011 ~ Twinkle Stars

Every morning we ask Teagan how she slept and whether she had good dreams, and what she dreamt about.  Just about every day for what seems like forever, she answers that her dreams were about “twinkle stars.”  It’s never just stars, but always “twinkle stars.”  Sometimes they sing, sometimes they dance.  Usually they’re just there.  Watching over her while she sleeps.

The other day, when Stu asked her what she had dreamed about, she answered “goldfish!”  Ok.  Different.  He asked if they were swimming.  Teagan looked at him like he spouted a second head.  “No, dada.  No swimming.”

Stu has no idea why she’d be dreaming of goldfish and why they wouldn’t be swimming.  The questioning went on for a little bit, until Teagan was able to explain.

The goldfish wouldn’t be swimming if they were goldfish crackers!

My daughter dreamed about goldfish crackers.  With twinkle stars.

I wonder if the twinkle stars are because of her wall of stars?

Twinkle Stars


December 28, 2011 ~ Cowgirl Teagan

Cowgirl Teagan! Hee haww!  Giddy-up Snowflake!  Haa Haa!

She loves her hat!  And her rocking horse!

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December 28, 2011 – Happy Dollah Days!

Happy Dollah Days!

Teagan came home from day care last week saying “Happy Dollah Days,” instead of Happy Holidays, and “Ho! Ho!”  Like Santa does.  It was fun to make her say “Happy Hanukkah,” though she got pretty close.  She could say Merry Christmas, but preferred the “Ho! Ho!”  Santa was Ho Ho, though she did know he was Santa.  Almost any red had was a Ho Ho Hat.  She wanted  “to make Ho Ho happy,” not necessarily to be a good girl.  She would get very distraught if she thought Santa wasn’t happy with her.  Terrified that she wouldn’t get any presents.

She’s mostly a good girl.  When she’s rested.  She got a lot of presents.

Ho Ho!


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December 27, 2011


Can I Rip It?

Back home, and at a full sized keyboard!  Yay!

Ashlin still isn’t crawling yet, but she’s determined! She finally figured out the foot thing, and can get that pesky foot out quickly now. However, her butt may be too heavy now, as she just collapses, and it looks like she’s planking. Or sort of, anyway, as her arms aren’t flat, but at an angle, almost as if she was a seal.

She is very, very determined to figure out this crawling thing though.  A few more days, and she’ll be there.

Maybe by then, she’ll figure out how to say “mama” too. :)

Not a Ho Ho Hat?

She was also very nonplussed by Christmas.  Her favorite toy, for a while anyway, was that blue bag in the background.  She eventually moved on to a worm in a beret rattle and her sister’s cowgirl hat.  Much to Teagan’s annoyance.

Teagan, on the other hand, was absolutely fascinated with all things Christmas and Santa (Ho Ho!).  She made her first baked good – Dippy Chippy/Magic Bars – and left them out for Santa, along with a note and a picture she thought he’d like to see.  Oh, and some carrots for Rudolph.

Ho Ho, Snowflake!

Passing out presents was fun!  Teagan, at first, thought they were all for her.  To be fair, quite a few of them were.  She wanted to open everything, and helped each of us get every bit of paper off the boxes.  She LOVED her rocking horse, and would climb on throughout the morning for a quick ride.

It was an awesome day.  Seeing it through the eyes of my daughter brought some of the magic back.  Everything was new and amazing for her.

But it’s nice to be home. It’s quiet, which is nice. We have to think about cooking food, which is annoying at times. It’s very nice to have someone meal plan for you.  LOL!

The girls got waffles for breakfast today :D  Maybe tomorrow, they’ll get some crepes.

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December 25, 2011 ~ Gingerbread


Teagan helped decorate her first gingerbread house. Not to shabby, though I don’t know about the owners. They seem to have hit the egg nog early!

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December 25, 2011 ~ Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!




Bags are tasty!


Meet Snowflake. Yes. Her head exploded with the awesomeness of it all.


December 23, 2011


Damn it. Does it count if I didn’t see it? Stu said she was going backwards. I did say she would be crawling by New Year’s Eve.

She can say mama any day now.


December 22, 2011 ~ Squee!!

HobbitOMG.  It’s here.

First Official Trailer For Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

Well, the trailer.  We have to wait another year for the movie <sigh>

I don’t want to wait.

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December 21, 2011

The stockings were hung

The girls are trying to kill me. And almost succeeded.   I’ve been sick.  Since Monday.  Or more that Monday started with that tickle in the back of my throat and a sniffly nose.  That feeling that you get and hope that if you get enough sleep, enough Airborne, you may just escape.   I went to bed early (like that was hard), hoping against hope that I wouldn’t get sick, but no luck.  The girls are thorough.

I woke Tuesday knowing that I hadn’t escaped.  Throat had that lovely broken glass mixed with gravel feel to it.  Nose was stuffed full of snot.  Awesome.  I supposed I should be sort of happy, that it took until this week to succumb to all the germs that they’re just crawling with.  They have been oozing some sort of icky body fluid for the past few weeks, maybe since Halloween, when they had back to back episodes of croup.   Well, one each, but both girls.

Not quite there

Yesterday was not fun.  I was sick and Ashlin was home.  I suppose if I had enough presence of mind to think, even a little, I would have sent her into day care, and swapped her days.  But I wasn’t thinking.  I just wanted to sleep.  Ashlin, on the other hand, wanted to play, to move.  She got so close to getting on all fours and rocking.  But she’s not quite there.  I think we’ll be seeing her move come by New Year’s.  I did get two short naps in while she napped in the bouncer.

And, of course, I couldn’t take anything to make me feel better.  With all the supply issues I’ve had this time, I couldn’t take any chances.  Yay to feeling crummy in order to nurse longer.

Today was better.  Both girls were in day care, so I got to relax a bit.  And nap, for more than 20 minutes at a time.  And after the afternoon nap, I feel almost ok, just some remnant sniffles.

When the girls got home, I made a batch of salt dough and we did Teagan’s hands, and then Ashlin’s hands (yay!) and feet.  They turned out pretty good!

Ashlin's Foot

Ashlin's Hand

Teagan's Hand

I don’t know if I’ll get more decorations up or not…  I still have to do a little more shopping, and then wrap.  Yikes.


December 19, 2011 ~ Big Candles!

Ice tunnel

Tonight we got the girls out of day care early and took them to see the Fantasy of Lights.  Well, Teagan.  Ashlin napped most of the time, we think.  It was a big hit!  Yay!

Just before we got there, Teagan said she needed to go potty, so off to the nearest McDonald’s to fulfill her needs.  Success*!  The flush freaked her out a bit, it was loud and echoy, and the hand dryer was a bit scary too – “I scared mama.”  But a little bit of calming, and then, back to the light display.

It was right on the water, and much bigger than I expected.  Very cool.  And the squeals of delight from the back seat made it totally worth it.  We went through three times :o

Two Twinkle Stars!


It wasn't a rock...

Here be dragons

Tree! Reindeer! Tree! Nother tree!


* We did have an accident though.  Boo!  Teagan was desperate to go potty, but we were in the middle of the display, no restroom in sight.  We did try to get out quickly, but she ended up having an accident.  I stopped the car, got her out, and we peed on the grass, sheltered behind the car.  A first for both Teagan and I.  I didn’t have a dry pull up (she was in her knickers) and pants to put her in.  I’ll go pick up a portable potty chair for the car for next time.   With Ashlin coming along, we’ll probably need it again.  I’ll also be sure to swap out the too-small diaper with a pull-up and a pair of leggings, for just in case.  Hopefully, we’ll never need them.