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November 26, 2011 ~ Warm Glow


Ashlin really loves her glowing seahorse.

I think she’s addicted to the soft music it makes too. I needed to find a white noise maker while we were at my parents over the holiday.

I also needed to start swaddling – loosely – her again, as we couldn’t bring the bouncy chair.


November 26, 2011


OMG! I enjoyed a “reality” tv show. Stu and I just watched an episode of Knights of Mayhem, and enjoyed it. No, we didn’t enjoy the reality bit, the drama behind the jousters. The hits were hard, and the actual competition was cringe inducing. I did like the little bit they did on making the armor. There aren’t that many people in the states who could make a real suit of armor.

The personality of one of the main competitors is as black as his suit of armor. A black heart. Two sizes too small. Just made me want to root for the other guy more.

Stu and I have gone to a few Ren Faires, and love watching the jousts, the sword fights. Even though those are just for show, with balsa wood lances, and barely stronger than aluminum swords. This show was the fun, with a bit more full on contact. They were not faking any of the hits, any of the pain.

So, we watched our first real reality tv show. About knights jousting. And will watch it again. The “drama” that they tried to build is short enough, and the joust interesting enough to make up for it.

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