What to muse about today?

November 21, 2011

20111121-150341.jpgI spent the better part of today moving furniture and taping off my daughter’s room.  A year and a half after moving in, we’re finally getting to painting her room.

One reason was that I had misplaced the paint chip for the color we had painted her room in the old house and couldn’t remember the color.  I really wanted to paint the room the same color.  It was such a lovely green.  So calm.  Eventually, I found the chip.  Then lost it again, so put it in A Very Safe Place™ in the hopes of not losing it again.  Which, of course, I did.

Then, there never seemed to be time.  Always something else to do, some place else to be.  And then, trying to paint a room with Teagan, and now Ashlin, around would not be a good thing.

This week, we both took vacation.  And both girls are going to be in day care.  Almost unheard of free time!  Or, well, unoccupied time anyway.

So, we’re painting Teagan’s room tomorrow.  Stu picked up the paint  yesterday.  The green.  Cypress Green.  A green that matches her nursery set wonderfully.  I suppose that she’s probably old enough to help pick out a new pattern and color, but I’m not ready for her to be that big yet.

Her room is going to be painted green.


Ashlin’s room is just fine for now :)