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November 19, 2011

on November 19, 2011


Let’s totally embarass my daughter.  It’ll be fun.  Well, until she gets older, than she might not think so.

This morning, after her nap, Stu went up to get Teagan dressed and bring her down.  While changing her pull-up, (she wet it in her sleep,) she touched herself and said “yucky.”  Stu told her that it wasn’t yucky, it was her body, though maybe a little dirty from the pee.  She then said “pee in my diner?”  Diner sounded like dinah, with her toddler accent.  LOL!

Stu didn’t know what to say.  We both laughed when he told me.  Teagan didn’t quite understand why it was so funny.

I probably should say that she must have learned that at day care – makes me wonder what else she has learned there – we really haven’t had much discussion of lady bits or man parts.  I had planned on using the real word for things, and not some silly nickname – like lady bits.


14 responses to “November 19, 2011

  1. Lori says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: “: )”

  2. Aw! No matter how or when we explain this to our children, there will probably be a funny story along at some point. Let me tell you one from my childhood.

    I have a great-aunt who is a Roman Catholic nun. She’s 89 now. When I was small, maybe 3 or so, she was over for dinner with my family: my parents, my slightly older brother, and my maternal grandfather. During the meal I said to her, “Sister, do you have a penis or a vagina?”

    Sister didn’t miss a beat. She asked me, “Well, am I a boy or a girl?” I had to think for a minute, but I answered.
    “You’re a girl.”
    “That’s right, so what do I have?”
    “You have a vagina.”
    “That’s right.”

    And dinner continued.

    Years later when my mom told me this story she told me her dad almost choked on his dinner trying not to laugh.

    • lisasff says:

      LOL! That’s an awesome story!!

      My embarrassing story, my mom put in my baby book… Supposedly, I asked her why I didn’t have a penis like my dad.

      Not so embarrassing now. I suppose. For years though, my sister used to tease the crap out of me for that. So, since my mom didn’t do a baby book for her, I teased her about that :D

  3. Kate says:

    Awesome. Yes I think our daycare is more, um, subtle. I overheard him correcting one of his teachers. LOUDLY. From the bathroom when he was about to pee: “Make sure your pp is down.” “That my PENIS!” Of course boys are always weirdly proud of themselves. ;)

    • lisasff says:

      He he he. I can totally hear G saying that.

      I’m sure someone from day care taught her that, which is perfectly fine. I know I haven’t had that conversation, it just hasn’t come up when I’ve changed/sat with her while she’s on the potty.

      Amazing that it starts so early! What *is* it about guys and their penises? LOL!

  4. Kris A says:

    If it was easy with Katie, but Thomas was funny. he walked in on my in the bathroom when he was 3, squatted down in front of me and asked why my penis was pushed all the way in. A few months later he wanted more male anatomy words and I couldn’t think of any that weren’t inappropriate…I didn’t want him going to preschool saying b**** or n****…I told him to go ask daddy!!

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