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November 8, 2011

on November 8, 2011

Who Me?

Look at that stink eye!  OMG, This one has a stink eye.  She really is trouble. She uses the smiles to lure you into a goo goo da da submission.

And the doctor wasn’t happy with her today.  Yes, her breathing is MUCH better, and the doc basically declared her cured of the nasty croup that she’s had the past week or so.  However, she’s not cured of the low weight percentile, and though she’s gained just shy of 12 ounces in a month, the doc said it wasn’t enough.  Sigh.

She also should be eating two solid meals a day.  And solid meals with high calorie foods like avocado and butter!  We get maybe two solid meals out of Ashlin a week.  This kid is so not interested in eating solids.  She does think puffs, waffle strips and toast sticks are fun, but put a spoon near her mouth and she’ll turn her nose up at it.  She just doesn’t want to be fed.

Almost There!

I’ve tried sweet potato and pears, which she seemed to like before all the vomiting started.  But no more.  I’ve tried several different store-bought purees, but no luck there either.  Teagan has ended up finishing some of the purees mixed in her yogurt, or as “applesauce.”

We never had this issue with Teagan.  She started eating food – solids – and never looked back.  Well, except tonight, when she didn’t want pasta, but only cereal milk.  That’s a different story.  Teagan was trying to feed herself by 6.5 months, chowing down on all sorts of fruit and vegetables, except mashed peas, by 7.  She had all sorts of “ethnic” food – Chinese, Indian, Puerto Rican food – well before a year.  She ate with gusto.

This one doesn’t.

And she seems to have a drinking problem too.



2 responses to “November 8, 2011

  1. Kris A says:

    So what is the dr. suggestion to get her to eat more food? Are they still looking to see if she has any digestive issues?

    • lisasff says:

      Kris, she really didn’t have a “how” suggestion, just a “what.” Lots of help that is. We did send her in to day care today with a cube – 1tbs – of sweet potato puree. Someone there got her to eat half. Or, at least, they said she ate half.

      There was no way we’d be able to attempt to get two meals into her at home. We barely have time for the one that she’s totally not interested in.

      The doc said that if she wasn’t eating much, that they did want me to bring in a poopy diaper and they’d test it for something… Also, that i could go in for weight checks as well…

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