November 5, 2011

Anyone want to buy a toddler? Cheap? She cleans up, sometimes, if you sing the clean up song. Pees, and, at least once, pooped, in the potty. Likes “big girl knickers” with flowers. Loves snow and spiders. Appears to have become deaf as well as willfully defiant.

Wait. No. She’s an absolutely lovely child.

I need a drink.

7 thoughts on “November 5, 2011

    • She was really pushing buttons last night. I actually took her from the dinner table and put her immediately into bed. Didn’t change her clothes or anything. You know she’s bad if *I* am the one that is fed up…

  1. We’ve all been there. How did she react? They spend the first 3 years (and beyond) studying our buttons and then know exactily what to push! At least as they get older, they realize that it is not worth pissing us off all the time just because they can!

    • Kris, she screamed bloody murder. She wasn’t much better today, though it could be because I got more sleep last night, even with them both ignoring day light savings. Stu had a chat with her after her bath, and he said she will try to use her “listening ears” more, and try to make us happy and not sad.

      Fingers crossed!

    • We’d totally rent her out. Cheap. Would Guthrie be interested?

      Wait. That sounds dirty. I didn’t mean it that way! :)

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