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October 29, 2011

on October 30, 2011


Damn! I can’t believe we got snow today. And a lot of snow at that. Teagan loved it though. She and Stu were out when the snow started falling. Stu said that Teagan was in awe, fully amazed at it. She tried catching the big fluffy flakes as they fell, pick them off her arms, tried to eat them. She’s been out in snow before, and really enjoyed it, but this is really her first conscious time seeing snow fall. She really doesn’t remember the 100plus inches that fell before her sister was born.

20111030-024726.jpgSo, after lunch, we went outside and played. I bundled up both kids – thank goodness for hand-me-downs! Teagan got some snow pants and mittens, Ashlin was put in a bunting and placed out of the snowfall in a bouncy chair where she could see everything.

I pulled out the plastic sled we were given, and showed Teagan how to use it, starting the run from the hill on the neighbors yard. She wasn’t convinced that the sled was fun, but she did try it once or twice.

She had more fun helping brush snow off the cars. This will so be her job when she gets older. LOL! Eventually, we made a small snowman, with branches for arms and muddy rocks for eyes. She was so proud of it.

Once Teagan got cold, we came inside and I made hot cocoa – with milk and real chocolate – and though Teagan said she liked it, she didn’t want more than the half cup. I did save the rest former, but she just wanted regular milk.

It was a fun day. I do love snow, especially when you don’t need to shovel!

Thank you, Stu!

PS. I want the power back on now, please.



3 responses to “October 29, 2011

  1. Kelly says:

    Kelly D B* commented on your post.

    Kelly wrote: “Glad to see smiles and enjoyment AND power after that freak storm”

    • lisasff says:

      This was when we still had power. We lost it around 7pm and didn’t get it back until around midnight (or 2am – it was all a blur).

      Teagan didn’t freak out once we lost power, but thought it was kinda cool, once she knew that everything was ok. Stu said she had a very brief moment of panic when the play room got so dark so suddenly. But when he said he was right there and lit his phone up, she was just fine. The kid always seems to shake just about everything off.

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