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October 28, 2011

Today I had my fist ever professional massage.  I’ve done chair massages, ten-minute massages, gotten a few from friends and family.  Oh, and from Stu.  Those are the best :)  But I’ve never gotten an all-out professional one.

It was very nice.

I got a referral from the chiropractor, who I’m still seeing because my hip and back continue to bother me.  He mentioned that a massage may help last time I saw him, as my muscles seemed very tight.  Tighter than just the perma-knots I always have, my upper back has been especially painful.  My back is so tight that my fingers go numb at times.  Yay.  Pinched nerve. No. Fun.

I had a thirty minute appointment.  She was amazed at how big the perma-knots were, and also that they weren’t the reason I was there.  I explained about the tingly fingers and the pain in the middle of my shoulder blades, mostly on the left.  And that’s where she focused.

It was a bit weird taking off my clothes and getting under the blankets on the table, but oh, was it nice.  She had blanket warmers on, so the sheets were toasty warm.  She started the massage with the blanket on and then moved on to lotion or a cream.  Smelled very much like sandalwood.  There was very relaxing music playing.  As she worked, she made sure she wasn’t using too much pressure.  I did let her know if it was too much.  But mostly, I just tried to relax, something that became easier as she worked.

The session wasn’t covered by insurance, I don’t think, so I won’t have many more of them.  But maybe there’ll be enough money to get at least one more.

It was very nice.

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