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October 26, 2011

on October 26, 2011

Galactagogues. Are. Fantastic.

I’ve been taking Fenugreek for about a week and a half now.  And really since Thursday at the maximum daily dosage, a dosage that the Lactation Consultant recommended.  Before I upped the dose, I did see an increase in pumping output, but not like what I saw after a few days on the higher dose.

Today I didn’t get to take any Fenugreek, (crazy morning!), and totally saw the difference.  Almost a 100ml (3.3oz) difference.  That’s a full bottle that I wasn’t able to pump today for Ashlin.

Today, she took 420ml (14oz).  Downed it.  I sent in an additional 60ml (2oz), because the care givers said that she would seem hungry after finishing her bottles.  I had been sending in 360ml (12oz) for the past few weeks, up from the 270ml that she’d worked herself up to, once she started taking bottles.

It’s awesome that she’s taking all that – and more!  I just need to keep up.  It seems that without the galactagogue, I can’t.  The LC also recommended an herbal tea, that will compliment the Fenugreek, but I haven’t had a chance to get it yet.

Hopefully it will help me to keep up, even better, for as long as she needs me to.


2 responses to “October 26, 2011

  1. Kate says:

    Hooray! I am so impressed with your persistence. Sometimes I forget how lucky I got with G, and also at the whole not having to pump a bunch bit. It really is tricky to convince the body that yes, this annoying plastic thing represents adorable little baby, please respond accordingly. Go you.

    • lisasff says:

      Well, I didn’t have any of these issues with Teagan, once we got her to actually latch properly. She was a bit lazy at first, and I did use a shield to help. Ashlin needed a shield for a bit, although, for less time than with Teagan.

      I think that being older, the mastitis, going back to work, and also being sick is what helped reduce the supply.

      I have a little, though dwindling, stash. Any hope I had of the same type of serious stash (like with Teagan) is gone though. I just want to make it day to day now :D

      Fenugreek is helping. And I hope to get the tea today to see what help that will be. a 100ml increase in out put is awesome, though more will be better!

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